Myself, personally, I hadda peachy, dandy Thanksgiving Turkey Day.  The day arrived very quickly & I was hardly prepared to spend it home in my own domain & crate.  Unlike Turkey Days past where I was whisked off to My Spa & Resort so Mymi could fly off to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to celebrate with my extended but unacquainted family.
So like we got up & went for a nice Walkies in the fog . . . which is AOK with me.  Fog doesn’t alter my smeller senses.  We walked along some familiar but little visited routes lately cause we been so busy with other stuff.  I gotta  chit-chat with squirrels & exercise my free spark rights around the neighborhood.  (Spark-that’s speak & bark LOL).
Then we came home & Mymi got all duded up to go out to TG meal at a restaurant over looking the River American with GrandSire, Doc & her Dam, who is almost as senior as GrandSire.  Yikes that’s a lotta wisdom & perspective.  Everyone hadda howling good time.  & no one panned for gold . . . that river water is pretty cold this time of year.  Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I got an extra portion of turkey flavored kibble with gravy . . . yum.  The remainder of the weekend passed by quickly doing ketchup on things left to fall by the wayside recently.
Ya hear a lot in the media & news these days re: budget cuts.  Us dogs got our burdens to bear in these difficult times.  We are suffering from Poo Bag Deprivation.  I mean . . . heretofore, parks & playgrounds supply adequate numbers of poo bags for dogs to take care of our necessary functions.  Poo Bags which are paid for outta our property taxes that support our public services & community institutions.  To keep our parks, schools & neighborhoods safe & clean.  But everyone’s gotta sacrifice something . . . & I guess The Powers that Be don’t think dogs pay enough so they decided dogs could do without extravagant services & expenses such as Poo Bags.  Now we’re gonna hafta Occupy our local supermarkets & grocery stores to obtain sufficient produce bags to keep the neighborhood K9s adequately supplied with sanitary facilities.  In these new Post-Prosperity Times we all gotta do our part & I do what I can.
I hope that alla my BFFs had a wonderful & satisfying TG as I did. OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to BUDGET CUTS

  1. ok9otj says:

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! AuntieTeach

    You go, pooch!!! AuntieMaBear

    Glad you got to be home TG…no place like it….We too took to the streets on turkey day…..beautiful sunlight and slight warm gulf breeze put Mom and I in the very best of spirits even though we picked up our usual trash and cigarette butts from careless unthankful persons. One good thing is they both come home really happy to see us dogs who have been waiting patiently and we get extra treats for being so good. I don’t know what happened around here but Mom got home late this afternoon to take me out to the mailbox and I stopped quickly as soon as my paws hit the pavement as I about froze!!! No one told me the temperature had dropped 20 plus degrees since this a.m. I hope this doesn’t last long as I was really enjoying the perfect temps this past month. GMama & Annie

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