Lotta you, my BFFs, mighta noticed a long & extended absence on the parta your Bloggin’ Dog, Litterary Activist & K9 Pundamentalist, me OpalK9. That was todally unexpected & unintended.

I was just getting usedta new schedules & habits. Just getting my GPS (GrandSire Positioning Sniffer) all adjusted for minor changes in destination & expectation. Getting usedta saying hello & chit-chatting w/various & sundry people in charge of GrandSire’s care, feeding & grooming. Checking in to see everything’s OK. & suddenly I got tricked by Mymi into going for a ride. It was a ride all right. I didn’t have time to pack my laptop & then I found myself suddenly dumped uncerimoniously off @ My Spa & Resort. What can I say? I was laptopless & all unprepared. My freedom of expression curtailed. So sad.

Mymi only waved good bye & said See you in a few days, OpalK9. Going to the Valley of Casinos & Bling for Halloween. But of course I was laptopless & without any form of communication so no email updates, no pix, no nuttin’.            😦

Mymi was gone like foreVer but came to pick me up in Papa’s car which smells of Papa & Babs which was most comforting. But I wasn’t so sure we were going home again until I jumped outta the car in my Domain, MySpace, on my mat. So good to be home.

GrandSire missed us & was most pleased for us to visit the next day . . . but I hadda re-establish my pathways & routes under most challenging of circumstances . . . streets in my neighborhood are dug up & congested with equipment installing more power sources to my community. Which is good . . . but rather disconcerting when a dog is just trying to re-connect.

GrandSire is becoming accustomed to new routines & perspectives. He’s gotta shorter walk to chow & snail mail but a longer walk to concierge service. He’s reestablishing his computer-email connections & returning to cell phone useage. He’s giving it his best & all & he’ll soon be racing up & down the hallways & pathways of the Pond. He’s a good adaptor.

I been really really busy since returning home again . . . just haven’t had time to photoshop the pix of the trip & holiday to which I wasn’t included anyway. Mymi says Buddy & Lily say howdy do. But here’s a picture of me @ my Spa & Resort. That is NOT a I wanna go home look on my face. It’s not. Here’s a few pix of Tootsie Roll, Scooter & Nephew Elmo. Trick or treat.  OpalK9 OTJ

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