We phoned up GrandSire this AM to say: Pack your bags, GrandSire. You’re
comin’ home.
Then we jumped in our new, borrowed wheels that smell like Babs &
Papa.  We drove lickety split up the road a piece to retrieve GrandSire @ his
Bored & Care Facility.
When we arrived @ Romeo & Dianna’s House of Care, GrandSire was indeed
packed & ready to go, sitting on the edge of his bed in his room with his
rolling legs set to assist him to our wheels.  He said his Good-byes. It was
very nice to meet you, he said.
We returned to the Pond where everyone was most happy & pleased to
welcome back to his new surroundings on the other side of the bldg.
We took GrandSire to his very own new digs.  We showed him his domain with
all the old furniture in it. We showed him the TV & remote & he was most
pleased to regain the controls.
We showed him his crate, complete with the laptop, printer & modem all
ready for his convenience.  We introduced him to Christina who will guide &
assist him when I’m not available.  We installed all the necessary pix &
digital pix frames & other doo-dads & jimcracks that make a den a home.
GrandSire was most please with his new surroundings.  He took a seat &
stated most emphatically . . . There’s no place like home.  We are most pleased
to have him nearby once again.  OpalK9 OTJ
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