I been doin’ my best to guide & assist my family through these
difficult circumstances but sometimes a dog just doesn’t know which way to turn.
Take, for example, today.  I accompanied Mymi on our usual Walkies along the
pathways & parkways to GrandSire’s habitat.  Gave chase to a few playful
squirrels in the park.
Then onward to GrandSire’s building & place of residence which we are
now in the process of exchanging from 1 side of the bldg to the other & down
the up staircase. We previously, like yesterday, relocated the TV & table
& GrandSire’s computer setup in his crate room where he slumbers.  Today,
Lupe & her mate, assisted in moving all the furniture & other stuff.
Lupe, she’s good people.
Of course I hadda inspect each new load that arrived in the new domain.
& for my trouble I got relegated to the patio looking thru the glass door
w/o a K9 entrance.  Howza a dog supposedta guide & assist from the
Then the Family Techie arrived to set up internet service which she related
the cable guy failed to complete the task. So we hadda request that she make the
Help Call. Good thing she speaks Geek cause no one hardly understands K9 &
I’da hadda get an interpreter anyway.  Awesome responsibilities for the
Digitally Challenged. Sometimes I know when to make the hand off.
So now GrandSire’s domain is officially relocated downstairs, closer to the
Chow Line & the Snail Mail Box.  Everyone @ the Pond & Bored & Care
has been super helpful & todolly nice during this transition. GrandSire is
most pleased to returning to the Pond Sunday.
As for our vehicle, my Papa lent Mymi a vehicle for transport so we didn’t
hafta rent that ol’ van that kept confusing Mymi (she’s easily confused
anyway).  It had electronic side doors & rear hatch. She kept playing games
w/me opening one door & then the other when I tried to jump down to exit
said vehicle.  So now this vehicle feels a lot more like home cause it’s not a
mini-van & it doesn’t smell new. It smells of Babs & Papa so that’s very
comforting to me.  Thanks you guys for all your support &
We will return GrandSire to his domain downstairs Sunday. Gonna take me a
while to get usedta not riding the elevator to the 2nd floor upon entering the
Pond.  I made friends w/lotsa Pond Residents in that elevator. But I’ll deal . .
OpalK9 OTJ
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