Dear Cuzzin Rocky & Pack,
Thanks for your recent snail mail re: Dog Story.  We are happy to throw our
wait & support to the Dog Movement, the K9 Agenda.  Olivia appears to be a
good human companion & partner.
We could use a little entertainment & levity here, Mymi & me.
Perhaps you are correct & we have bad adjusters.  Actually we have a Whole
Team of Adjusters in our corner & (confidentially) we think we just have a
bad company.  Don’t buy Farmers.  We’ve heard nothing but bad comments.  Not
making recommendations, you understand.
As for that little nippy mistake Rocky, we’re todally confident that it was
todally an error in judgment & that your companion/partner understands.
Our routine & schedule continues to be todally distrupted &
unsettling for the reasons previosly noted above & also for the fact that
GrandSire is experiencing some difficulties & has had to take a vacation to
a nearby Spa & Resort while the Pond & us arrange for new, higher
skilled accommodations.  We’ve been dealing w/his health care provider/insurance
company (yes . . . perish the thought, another insurance company, another set of
rules & requirements, legalese & double talk & another . . . well
you get the pix, Rocky). Presently he resides in a Bored & Care Facility,
temporarily you undertand, while we organize a Team & Consortium to approach
these new & yet clearly undefined conditions.
We still Walkies over to GrandSire’s residential establishmet, the Pond, on
a daily basis in order to resolve everyday isssues, pay bills & generally
make ourselves useful in GrandSire’s behalf. But the place is just not the same
without GrandSire’s calm demeanor & reassuring wisdom.  I’ll get over it
& continue to pursue my purpose, to guide & assist my family to the best
of my ability.
Meanwhile GrandSire has taken a break from his email & iSurfing
responsibilities & has asked me to fill in in his absence.  I’m doing my
best.  Please spread the word to our family in your neck of the Land of La La.
Never rains but what it pours . . . huh Rocky?  Thanks again.
Yr Friend & Cuzzin,
OpalK9 OTJ
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