Just when you think the place is going to the . . . cats & snakes.
Just when you think Congress & the Beltway couldn’t get any more dysfunctional or mean spirited.
Just when when you think humans couldn’t lose track of the obvious such as:
Up is up & down is down;
Yes Virginia, there is gravity.  It affects us all;
Keep your nest clean & tidy or bad things will happen;
subtract a ginormous number from an astronomical number & you end up in a big red hole.
Just when you think the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket, something positive, optimistic & uplifting happens.  & that’s what happened on Extreme Makeover Home Edition when the community of Fayetteville, NC came together to support it’s Military Community & families (which comprises a large segment of Fayetteville).  Extreme Makeover called in support & assistance to makeover & renovate a home to care for & assist female, homeless veterans.  Isn’t that just the dandiest notion you eVer heard of?
These women served our country & sacrificed for their families & now they need a little guidance & assistance to get back into the civilian way of life & carve out a future for themselves & their families.
It was a special 2 hr edition of Home Makeover & 1st Lady Michelle (Bo Bama’s Mama) Bama joined in the effort to make a special home for some special people & demonstrate thanks & care for those who served.
It was a todolly special edition & it made me feel better, give hope for a future in which the sky doesn’t fall in regularly if we all work together to rebuild this country to its potential & greatness. We been digging this hole pretty deep (& trust me, us dogs know a lot about digging holes) & it’s time to climb out.  No 1 dog can do it alone, there are no easy solutions to our problems. But we can do this. Yes we can. Americans are at their very best when engaged in great enterprise & working together to achieve endless possibilities.
OpalK9 OTJ
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