I’m so stoked.  DWTS is back, baby.  Alla y’all know DWTS is my very most Fave show in TVLand.  So DWTS is back . . . new & improved in some ways.
We watched beginning to end last nite.  The list of Aspiring Hopefuls sorta read like Fortunate Siblings & Offspring of Hollywood Royalty.  So many names recognizable from decades & lives past.  Chynna Phillips, female offspring of Mamas & Papas which I supposed gives her some performance creds.  She turned in a credible performance . . . I thought.
Rob Kardashian . . . whose heritage seems to entail mostly OJ Simpson Defense & reality TV siblings of uncertain talent & substance.  His performance was pretty ho-hum. We’ll see if there’s any substance.
David Arquetts, grandson of Cliff the Dog, I guess.  He danced like he wasn’t quite used to 2 legs.
& Chaz Bono who useta be Chastity.  I thought he had good rhythm & enthusiastic moves.  Todally offspring of Hollywood Royalty.
We’ll see if there’s any substance in these offspring with awesome name recognition.
My very fave dancer was J. R. Martinez . . . Iraq War Hero & Veteran & IMO, & of course I know I’m a mere dog, JMart is the very model of America’s Best & Brightest.
We’ll see how this shakes out in the next weeks.
My newest fave Novel for Humans is A Dog’s Purpose.  The book about the Soul & Spirit of 1 dog journeying from puphood of Mixed Heritage called Toby.  Toby’s journey begins in a ditch & he travels & grows through a few spirits & souls seeking A Dog’s Purpose in Life.  Toby learns about pack life. Toby becomes Bailey & learns about love & loyalty to humans.  Bailey becomes Ellie & learns games such as Find & Show & Saving Lives.  Ellie has passed now & I can’t wait to find A Dog’s Purpose.  Toby/Bailey/Ellie/. . . is a good dog & finds purpose through extensive journeys & investigations.
Dogs of any heritage & gender are todally the most noblest critters in any incarnation.  I think I wanna do Time Out on PlanetPluto between lives passing on AnimalPlanet.com.  OpalK9 OTJ
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