Dear Mr. Pres Barko Bama:
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, just wanted to say . . . Good Job Mr. President on that Jobs Speech. We’re so pleased it could be fit in before the NFL Kickoff cause after all what could be more pertinent to people seeking jobs than Football Kickoffs?
We especially liked that last of the speech. You know the part where you spoke of not letting this economic crisis become an excuse:
  to wipe out basic protections Americans count upon;
  to ask people to choose bet jobs & safety;
  to jumpstart the economy we must let the Predatory Lending Industry walk all over us;
  hafta let future generations be exposed to mercury & other toxics, breathe smoggy air or drink poison water (that’s my fave cause as you know, Mr. Pres. I have a preference for gutter water straight up);
  that Americans are so fragile & frustrated that we can’t come up with solutions (exportable around the planet) for challenges such as Global Climate Change & Fossil Fuel Dependency (I mean come on, we’re Americans. We can do it if we really want to);
  can’t afford to educate the next generation with a World-Class education;
  we hafta strip away collective bargaining rights so workers can earn a living wage & expect employers to live up to their agreements for the Golden Years.
In case you don’t remember these statements, Mr. Prez, we’ve attached the last part of your speech. We think it was a humdinger.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, have observed that, over these past several years, since the attacks on 911, Americans have become increasingly divided & distracted from the larger purpose; the purpose @ paw, if you will.  As you said, No single individual built America on their own. We built together, building upon shared history & experience.  The road ahead isn’t always clearly carved out for us Americans. There are no guarantees.  But the AJA is a good first step.  & no small enclave of special interests owns America either.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, give this effort the 100%, K9 Nation Seal of Approval. Now if you could just do something about the K9 Franchise, we’d all be better Americans.  I swear. K9s will not take the vote for granite. Yes We Can. OpalK9 OTJ
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