So much sadness associated with the month of September for my family.  10 HY ago our friend Derek lost his life on 9/8. Course everybody knows about 9/11. How could you not? & then our GrandDam passed away from  She passed so quietly, few but the family noticed.
Derek was a beloved son & friend & lost his life to a troubled young man with an automatic weapon. His family & friends grieve & miss him every day since that tragic day.  The young man who gunned down Derek & another innocent should never have had access to a weapon of any variety but unfortunately weapons are made easily accessible by an armaments industry full of men whose wealth is made from their skill in turning the human body into flesh.
This year, on the 10 anniversary of his death, Derek’s friends & family request donations in his honor be made to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence: Online Memorial & Honorary Donations. Donations are tax deductible. This organization promotes common sense gun laws so that guns are not available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
A donation would give Derek’s family & friends peace of mind. & we think this organization’s mission would be very gratifying to GrandDam also.  She hated guns & gun violence & would have been appalled at the state of gun violence & senseless accessibility to guns for fun & profit & political gain.
Myself, personally & I know I’m just a dog, but I think the real tragedy of 911 was that a frivolous dry drunk born with a silver spur in his mouth & suffering an Oedipal complex, playing out his personal drama on the world stage & the Prince of Evil led this country from the ashes of the Twin Towers, pursuing personal grudges & crony profits could justify in any way shape or form war of vengeance & Cold War One-Upmanship, Crusade to impose personal faiths & preferences, conspire with the likes of Rupert Murdoch to mix messages of fear & hypocrisy,  drum up fear in order to keep the people off center & suspicious,  justify torture & other war crimies in the name of keeping US safe now that the worst has happened & make this country into everything Osama bin Laden claimed we are.  If we hadn’t gotten off the path of self-righteous Crusadership & started participating in the Global Community, bin Laden would have won the final victory even as he died & was buried in a watery but anonymous grave.  W, Darth Vader & that RummyGuy oughta be on trial in a World Court.  That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.
We remember & mourn Derek & GrandDam. Hopefully we can now begin to recover & heal from 911.
OpalK9 OTJ
PS: here’s a link to big public lies that have pervaded public discourse since 911. How could legitimate leaders lie to the people so blatantly? 😦
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