GrandSire has viewed the new movie, The Help & pronounced it . . . A real good story. A prize winner for sure.
GrandSire is not much given to spin & hyperbole which would explain why he’s no longer a Card-Carrying Member of The Party of:
No You Can’t;
Not Our Problem;
Not Our Fault;
Not On Our Watch;
No It’s Not;
Everything is Legal ‘Til You Get Caught & the corollary
If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Trying Hard Enough;
Not In My Back Yard;
Deny, Distract & Divide;
Natural Disaster Victims . . . suck it up;)
The Earth is Flat Cause We Believe It & that corollary
Global Climate Change is a Myth & Todolly Not Our Fault;
Black is White, Up is Down, My Way or the Highway, Scorch the Earth & Take No Prisoners;
Vot 4 Us-2012. We gave you an Ignorant, Unhealthy, Unemployed, Unproductive & Desparate Electorate. What’s Not to Love?;
What About No Don’t You Understand? . . .
& has instead become a Card-Carrying Member of the Party of Yes We Can, All Hands on Deck, We are the United States of America.
We’re glad The Help received the GrandSire Seal of Approval. It was a pretty good yarn. OpalK9 OTJ
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