I hadda go to my Vet’s Office yesterday for my Annual Checkup . . . test for Heartworms, fleas & tick. Make sure I got sound teeth & gums.  You know . . . the usual.

The good news is my Vet says my teeth are excellent.  This is good news cause Mymi always tells me that GrandDam would come back & haunt her if any critter entrusted to her care passed on to their Maker & Greater Reward with a tooth missing or bad gums due to carelessness, neglect & lack of adequate brushing & dental care. So I always stand still for toothbrushing after Walkies.  We don’t wanna disturb GrandDam.  

The bad news . . . my Vet says I gotta lose weight cause I’m fat.  I tipped the scale @ 52 lbs which some are saying is too much for a dog of my size & stature.  Does this picture make my butt look fat? 😦 

While sitting quietly awaiting my Vet, we glanced through a coffee table book in the waiting room. Dog Heroes of 911 pays tribute to all the K9 Heroes who volunteered, along with their companions & handlers, for Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief & Comfort Care Givers during that awful time coming upon 10 HY ago now when the Twin Towers came down.  Makes me proud to be a member of the K9 Nation even if I wasn’t actually around during that tragic time.  I know that dogs have participated in & contributed to every Call to Action since WWII.   Perhaps before. Who knows since most dogs aren’t given to recording their own achievements & bravery. Dogs are the Greatest. Enjoy exerpts from:   http://www.dogheroesof911.com/excerpt.htm,

Meanwhile I gotta face a meager existence of smaller portions, fewer treats & no peanut butter. OpalK9 OTJ  
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