We took Grandsire to see the River Cats this PM.  A lotta you, my BFFs may or may not know I don’t generally have a lotta use or regard for Cats.  Snooty & Smug Beings that they are . . . they always hiss & scratch @ me when I try to be friendly & say Howdy Do on my neighborhood patrol.

River Cats however, appear to be a different breed of Cat.  They play in the sunshine & chase balls & wear uniforms. & they are of the human variety.  They send a lotta balls into the stands where humans watch & cheer. Humans like to scramble for balls same as us dogs.

We drove to River Cats Domain in the same vehicle that we brought GrandSire to CA in . . . so we’re all pretty familiar w/it.  I ride Shotgun.  

We followed many other cars into the auto park . . . but we hadda use the special facilities for mobility impaired cause of GrandSire’s 3rd leg & all.  The moment we got outta the car, Golf Cart Chauffeur Service took us from the hot & dusty auto park to the Grand Stadium Entrance.  There we transferred to a Rolling Chair for GrandSire.  They rolled us all the way to Ring Side seats. Mymi said we sat along the 3rd Base Line.  

Stadium Officials said Hey No Pets Allowed but I flipped my CGC Badge & everything was todolly cool. But I hadda be on my very best behavior & not chase the white balls flying everywhere so Batters could hit them around the field.  Bats are like my Chuckit that sends balls flying oh so far in my community parks so I can chase them.  

Mymi & GrandSire had Dinger Dogs which are like the most hugest hot dogs I ever saw.  They smelled so good & Mymi passed me a coupla bites on the QT.  I won’t tell.

River Cats lost the game but afterwards the Chauffeurs came & wheeled GrandSire down to the Curb & then we took the Shuttle back to our car.  Whatta awesome day & excellent service.  

So then we hadda deliver GrandSire back to his Pond of residence.  I ride Shotgun.  We dropped GrandSire @ the Back Door & he said Good Bye.  Hadda good time . . . :).

GrandSire’s Neighbor Betty was feeding Cats (the 4-legged kind) outside the Pond Entrance.  She stopped by our car to chit-chat.  She said she likes when I visit GrandSire cause I’m so polite & friendly & make the Neighbors smiley & happy.  She said she enjoys daily chats with GrandSire.  He always comes through the dining room on his way to his table & says Good Day Ladies to all her table mates who don’t seem to see the benefits of Table Chatter.  She says GrandSire is so interesting & polite.  He always had good stories.  He’s a Grand Old Gentleman is my GrandSire.

Next time I encounter Betty in the hallways I’m gonna give her a big sloppy lick of thanks. I guess if Betty likes the House Cats . . . they’re OK & I won’t chase them quite so hard in the future.   OpalK9 OTJ
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