Dear Congress & Wall Street:
We, the Little People & K9s of America, citizens, voters, & taxpayers, workers, consumers & borrowers, of America, you know the Huddling Masses, the Great Unwashed, wanna thank you soooooo very much for Bitch-slapping common sense into USA after so many years of running amok, overspending, underfunding, whining for better pay & safer working conditions, more investment in the US, less off-shoring of jobs & $.  We can’t thank you enough cause we’re so very ill-informed & under-advised.  Thanks a lot Congress & Wall Street.
We won’t be overspending & overextending on consumer products, entertainment, dining out, vacations or any of the countless luxury items the Mighty 1%ers have presented in the past decade.
We woulda never known that revenue slashing & unfunded wars of choice, unfunded pharmaceutical subsidies & unfunded education testing mandates, plus a few other handouts to greedy, grasping, citizen/not citizen corporations could lead to over-leveraged corporate raiding & overvalued IPOs. We woulda never known how pitiful & pathetic we really are . . . Thank God & Great Todo we got you, Babies.
It’s not your fault the bottom fell outta the stock market after such public display of fearful leadership. & it’s not your fault America’s credit rating tanked a notch with at least 1 bond rating agency . . . so far.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, wish to take this moment, carpe diem if you will, to speak for K9Nation, when we say I don’t think humans should be left in charge anymore.  Not until humans can figure out a few basic Known Knowns:
water & poop will always flow down hill no matter what you believe;
gravity is a fact you can’t see . . . you can only the effects;
a rising tide floats all boats; a waning tide can sink your ship if you don’t properly maintain it;
If you subtract a gigantic number from a merely enormous number you’re gonna wind up swimming in red;
if you borrow, ya gotta repay. If ya don’t you trash your credit rating & lose your domain;
playing with matches burns the domain down;
Freedom ain’t free, no matter how much you pay for it or try to boss others around;
A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking serious bucks.
I, hope, Congress & Wall Street that you take these few instructional bullet points in the spirit they are offered so that you don’t hafta stand around on TV scratching heads & wondering what just happened.  You look like idiots & we, the Little People & K9s are tireda holding the bag.
JobBob, Tootsie Roll & Scooter todally agree cause they lost more percentage wise in their University Portfolios than the average Billionaire Brotherhood Investor or Hedge Fund manager & they got no one to defend their futures & education.
Thanks a lot Congress & Wall Street.  I’m just sayin . . . Just the Messenger.  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to GRAVITY OF LAW

  1. 1kidney2 says:

    Right on, Dog! You’ve got more common sense that the whole lot of them put together.

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