GrandSire shook his head in disappointment & disillusionment.  He was wearing his VFW tee-shirt that says Freedom isn’t Free.
We watched the on-going debate & spectacle in Congress RE: Debt Ceiling Limits, Spending Caps & Taxes.  All those Dignitaries elbowing each other to claim Victory & Moral Superiority.  GrandSire watched in dismay & said:
Those Bossy Retards. (Well that’ not an exact quote but this is a family blog) Our elected officials are embarrassing this country.  Lecturing the people about overspending & creating jobs without expending investment.  This usedta be the Greatest Country in the World . . . but I’m notso sure anymore.  Anybody that doesn’t wanna pay taxes & share the burden after the Prosperity Party Un-American.  & elected officials that don’t step up to the plate & do their job ain’t wortha tinker’s dam. Freedom Is Not Free.
Mymi drummed her fingers on the chair arm.  Myself personally, I just stayed behind GrandSire’s recliner & listened real carefully with my superlative auditory skills & big ears.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, have just 2 words for you, Mr Pres Barko Bama: Lu La.
Perhaps you met him on your recent swing thru Brazil where he’s the President of an emerging democracy & economic powerhouse.  Brazil ain’t some So American Banana Republic anymore.
Lu La is a graduate of the 4th grade in Brazilian Public Education System with a CV in the metal worker field.  Lu La has managed the Brazilian Awakening as a friend of Labor, a champion of the expanding Middle Class, lifted millions out of poverty giving them more spending power to support expanding industrial & manufacturing base & remain a friend of investors.  He was criticized as a Socialist, Pinko Commie Liberal but he managed to pull all these miracles off & bring the Brazilian economy from Recession to Prosperity in 8 yrs.
No America could take a page from Lu La’s Play Book.  I’m just sayin . . . let’s cheer GrandSire up.
OpalK9 OTJ
PS: I forgot, Brazil has a very green emerging economy also.  This stuff is not impossible.
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One Response to LU LA

  1. Various BFFs says:

    I’m with GrandSire……This political mess is embarrassing. Give me a Lu La any day of the week……We need LEADERS not cry babies……Maybe these Washington men and woman should go and be a foot soldier for a year and realize what REAL living is all about in 2011……or maybe go without a pay check or health care for a year……Then maybe they would have an understanding of the USA citizens needs!!!! We do NOT want something for nothing like they do. We WILL work to satisfy our needs!!!! We can’t though do to their ineptness……..GMama & Annie

    This made me cry! I was on the TV tonight..had some work to do….so disappointed……who to vote for now!……feeling hopeless and helpless…..Auntie MaBear

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