Can you believe it?  After BP spilled all that oil in the Gulf of MX killing 11 humans & innumerable marine & wildlife, destroying Gulf Coast habitat, commercial activity & the Gulf Coast economy & the Oil Industry promised & assured citizens, voters, taxpayers, workers & bidnesses that the industry has a handle on Rapid Response Clean Up Technology & such disastrous spills & accidents are a thing of the past, Old School, & nothing like that will ever, eVer happen again, not on their watch & victims of the disaster are still waiting for compensation, not to mention they don’t need no stinkin’ regulatory agencies or bureaucrats telling them how to run a profitable concern . . . after all that drama & heartbreak . . .
Now there’s a spill, a slight Oopsie @ the other end of the nation that nobody knows how that got there or can predict the extent of damage or anything else . . . Exxon-Mobile (another Oil Giant) is proposing (Proposing) to contain their mess with Already Been Tried Oil Booms & Hankie Technology.  3rd World Technology for New World Order Clean Up.
Don’t make me say it again . . . What could possibly go wrong?  OpalK9 OTJ
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