So lemme get this straight . . . America, the greatest nation in, land of the free, home of the brave, with the most ingenious & industrious citizens, land rich in resources & Can Do Spirit, can’t balance a budget or develop new ideas for 21st century reality.  Come on . . . seriously.

These guys seem to have a pretty good idea.  We could prolly do it if we just want to . . .


about an interesting idea!   Fascinating concept. What do you want to bet that the oil companies shoot

this down?

Now this is really “out of the box thinking”.

Cause if America can’t figure out how to cope with Global Climate Change, not to mention other shifts & changes not previously anticipated or prepared for like earthquake, tsunami & inundation of nuclear facilities, can’t cope with greater than 100 year climate events, can’t put out the fires or divert the floods . . . America’s gonna wind up looking like the Farkle Family pictured herein . . .

All sad & soggy in SF Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.  That’s Fred & Fanny Farkle & the Twins, Simon & Gar Farkle.  Mark & Sparkle Farkle . . . stayed home.

Ya know, we can do this.  Americans can walk & chew gum @ the same time . . . much I’m sure to the surprise of the Party of No You Can’t.  Yes we can.  OpalK9 OTJ

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  1. ok9otj says:

    Saw this about six mo ago….got some kinks to work out but in the meantime why aren’t more businesses, including the WH, doing solar…..CSIN has splat parking lot covers…AZ medical and bank parking lots as well… Auntie MaBear

    Love the picture…..Where is the gang?? Your message is “right on” OpalK9 as usual….We are OUT OF TIME for the USA….It’s NOW or NEVER…FORGET the POLITICS and start thinking of the AMERICAN PEOPLE !! We have heard all the excuses and they are worthless….DO SOMETHING to gain back the respect that so many have sacrificed so much… Get to work so that NEXT 4th of July America has something to CELEBRATE!! There is NOTHING to celebrate this week-end but failure of political leaders that are too wrapped up in themselves to act for the good of the nation!!! Tell me again….How did the congress and the president get to Washington in the 1st place?? Are they not to follow the will of those who elected them?? I keep hearing voices that say balance the budget, cut spending, stop the wars, recognize global warming etc. etc. etc. Do those in charge of decisions not have abilities to hear the people or see what is right in front of them?? Annie & GMama

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