I was so excited when the Big Voice in the Sky announced OpalK9, pack your bags. You’re going home . . . I didn’t know whether to sit or go blind. So I just settled for packing my laptop & moving on home again.

It was kind of a long visit to My Spa & Resort & I didn’t want to miss out on going home to my own domain. I always get fluffed & blow dried just before I get picked up so I know when I’m going home still . . . it’s difficult to contain myself until departure.

Some day I’d like to meet up w/this family of mine that I’ve only seen in pix & heard about 2nd paw. But what with parents & pups, grand pups & pooches, dance recitals & pool parties & room decorations, my family in the Valley of Casinos & Bling is a todally busy place & there just isn’t room for 1 additional set of paw prints. So I’ll just settled for my photoshopping responsibilities & other duties as required.

Tootsie Rolls Dance Recital was a resounding HIT. They danced to Big Girls Don’t Cry. Mymi sent pix which I obviously photoshopped.

In addition, I’m involved in the resolution of the great Parking Ticket Dispute resulting from a train ride & car parking when my UncaT & Auntie Teach visited recently. This parking ticket dispute has become so involved & intricate I can only paws & reflect on the great courage of GrandSire to pick & leave a residence & locality he was so familiar with in order to come out to CA & reside with me. So many challenges for the digitally deficient. We are a collaborative Team & I’m here to help. Awesome responsibilities.

I’m very glad to be home again where it seems, the Valley of Casinos & Bling weather patterns have been magically transported. Heretofore, we here in the Great Valley have been experiencing unusually chilly & wet weather, but since my return home it’s been Hot, really really hot. Still & all there’s no place like home & I’m happy to be back where I belong. OpalK9 OTJ

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