So like . . . just when things were getting back to ‘normal’ & I could start counting on, looking forward to my regular routine & cheese treats bedtime snack each night, when I thought things were quieting down here & there, Reply mail from my BFFs tells me there’s always something to worry about.  Word outta GrandSire’s old neighborhood from Annie says there were Big Storms there: 
Weeki Wachee was hit VERY hard on Wednesday with a storm that appeared to be wind shear or mini tornado…..Lots of trees downs….Heather Walk had many large limbs fall and H2O in many enclosed porches (including ours AGAIN….Still working on this problem….very discouraging)…..some people in Hernando county had screens torn off porches etc. about 4 to 5 inches or rain fell in a little less than an hour!!!! My Mom was at the hospital so I got thru it all alone….Not a fun hour and I was so happy to see here home safe and sound!!! We then had to check our friends to make sure they were OK. They were glad to see us as they had been frightened. Our property escaped large limbs….almost like we were singled out!!! Maybe someone greater than I knew I was alone and scared so protected me!!! All I know is that we are VERY thankful and pray that what ever is going on gets under control soon!!!! We feel so sorry for so many who are suffering right now!!! Where is the good news!!!!! Annie & GMama

Grand Sire is most pleased he no longer owns property anywhere.  My UncaT sent all these pix from MA where they reside & blew eastward from here from their Memorial Day Freedom Flight, Train Ride & Restore America Bus Tour. The cradle of Democracy & State of Paul Revere’s Ride which occurred before there was a Constitution or 2nd Amendment protections to fight over, looks like a 3rd World Country.  My UncaT & Auntie Teach assisted & helped their friends & neighbors & community to clean up & get back to normal . . . if there ever is such a thing again. Opalk9 OTJ 
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