Today is Doomsday, the end of the world as we know it according to reports & tabloids, experts & pundits.
A course, these predictions most adversely affect humans who, strangely enough it seems to other critters & species that co-exist with humans on this mortal sphere, chose to believe that their species is the final step, top of the food chain, most perfect & powerful end all of creation & thatAnimalPlanet.com is the center of the known Universe & all other Universes that may or may not be beyond human imagination & understanding.  Fact of Matter is, as all rational & intelligent & knowing beings know, AP.com is not the center of any universe . . . when clearly PlanetPluto is the center of any Universe & that’s where all dogs will return tonight or sometime thereafter, whichever comes first.
Just in case, tho.  Just for the sake of emergency preparedness, which we’ve all come to learn in recent times can’t be overdone, I’m packing my laptop which contains all my photos & journals, chronicles & linkages, PINs & personal information.  Packing my camera & my personal blankie, a backpack of cracked kibble & bottled pond water from our walkies yesterday @ the Rancho Seco (a redundancy I know since we’d previously been there but whatta gonna do w/frail humans) where I got some more excellent shots to remember the beauty & joy of My Valley which has been my home for my whole lifetime of 7 HY.  I’m ready to meet my maker, Great Todo, if that’s my fate.

Whatta a bummer.  Whatta cruel twist of Fate.  The End of the World didn’t come in a Mushroom Shaped Cloud & now we’ll never know who won the Glitterball . . . Chelsea, Hines or Kirstie.  To be honest, I couldn’t make up my mind anyway.  They all seem to be of equal skills & ability in different ways. But if the Dumbsday Movement is accurate . . . we’ll never know.  Sooooo not fair.
Still I’m prepared but if I wake up tomorrow morning still on AnimalPlanet.com I’ll be happy & life as I know it will continue & I’ll remain your Bloggin’ Dog, K9 Pundamentalist & Litterary Activist.  If not . . . I’ll tweet ya from Planet Pluto @ok9otj.  You’re welcome.
Just a dog.  Just here to help.   OpalK9 OTJ

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One Response to DUMBSDAY IS HERE

  1. Various BFFs says:

    I want your temperament and attitude, pooch!!!…..wow, should I be surprised that Kirstie still in it?? She must be coordinated in spite of her weight….I’m impressed…wish I had been able to watch it…. Auntie MaBear

    You are just too fabulous, OpalK9……You see a jockey by the name of Jesus won the Preakness today so the world has to go on so he can have a chance to win the Belmont. Also, this world has NOT pleased God with its action in many years SO God decided that we all will remain and watch DWTS’s final to get a glimpse of Purgatory…..Might wake us up to change!!!! The pictures of your valley are so beautiful and too must live on for a few more years to remind us that many things are still beautiful……Annie

    Good thing was crackpot prediction. It would be too bad to lose all the fab scenery you got on your camera. Very well done. Rocky and friends

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