My BFF, Annie, reminded me that the anniversary of my birthdate was Quattro de Mayo.  It’s been so busy we quite forgot.  Not that there aren’t things more important topics than my birthdate happening here on AnimalPlanet.com.  Still . . . it’s nice to be remembered.  Thank you Annie & GMama.
Guess I should be grateful I received what I did.  When someone in charge around here . . . 🙂 & I’m not naming names . . . finally, finally remembered, that Certain Person who remains nameless said . . . Looky OpalK9 . . . Happy Birthdate.  How do you like your new Doggie Door?
To tell the truth, Kinda underwhelmed.
My old entrance/egress was convenient & transparent but it got ripped off in the winter windstorms.  Mind you, I didn’t mind the new look much, but Certain Persons said it looked raggedy & shabby.  So we replaced the slider door screen, my entrance, & placed a metal framed K9 Door within the door.
Problem being . . . the K9 Door itself is not clear & transparent like my old door.  McGruff, Crime Dog, warned me to be cautious & suspicious of any door I can’t see through so I’m gonna hafta work on this issue a while & Certain Persons are just gonna hafta deal with letting me in & out of the interior domain.  Happy birthdate to me.
Everybody but everybody remembered my UncaT’s birthdate cause it’s practically an official holiday here in my state, the Great State of NoMexico.  Too bad UncaT resides in the Bay State.  I don’t think it’s cause for joyous celebration there in the Bay State.  Happy Birthdate anyway, UncaT.
Next HY I’m gonna campaign early & often so no one around here forgets my birthdate again.  OpalK9 OTJ
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2 Responses to QUATTRO DE MAYO

  1. FFS Babs says:

    Hi, Opal,

    Sorry I haven’t replied to your emails, but you know Mamá, she isn’t the best secretary in the world, and I, Babette, am not computer literate. I just can’t seem to wrap my paws around the keyboard. Most of the time, I just communicate with the pups in the ‘hood thru p-mail.

    Mamá told me about your trials and tribulations with your new doggy door — good luck with that. I’ve never been real handy with them, myself, but I can handle them if I concentrate. It’s kinda like when I figured out how to open and close the treat drawer. Concentrate!!!!

    Lots of fun stuff going on in our ‘hood. They put up a new cell phone tower in our park and made it look like a tree. I can’t tell if it smells like one cuz it’s fenced off.

    I keep living the good life. Papá continues the trend he started when Mamá was in the hospital last year, and takes me for an early morning walk. Later in the day, Mamá takes me either to the dog park or for a walk in the ‘hood; then, of course, Papá takes me for my night walk. In between, I go to the Pre-Flite, run errands with Mamá and/or Papá, etc.. I lead a busy life. And, while I don’t run quite as much as I used to, I’m in good shape for a senior.

    Mamá and Papá have been talking about going to coast. I hope we do. I love the ocean, exploring new places, smelling new scents, etc..

    Keep sending your emails, I don’t always respond, but Mamá always lets me know what you’re up to.

    Take care, FFS,

  2. Annie says:

    Wish I had a fenced area and doggie door. I have to wait sometimes until my Mom gets the message that I’m about to burst!!! We have a “routine” but you know sometimes one has to go when one has to go!! I’ve made a couple of “errors” but just couldn’t wait any longer. All in all I’ve adjusted well and so has she. Know I will get more attention to “duty” once the new carpet is laid in a couple of weeks. Don’t even want to think about any “errors” on it!!!! I might be looking or a new home and this one is pretty perfect most of the time!!! Adjusting to human schedules is a full time job for us dogs!! Guess we haven’t been “real Mother’s” but feel like we take excellent care of the wonderful women with whom we live. For sure, we know what Mother Love is all about!! Their hearts are our hearts in every way!! Love is indeed grand!!

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