Had my Popped Kibble.  Had my bowl of carbonated pool water.  I was all set & ready to watch Extreme Makeover/Home Edition.  I like to see Americans acting their very best & most generous.  & then wait a minute.  Hold the phone.  The TV announcer said . . . Please stand by for an important announcement.
Our President, Barko Bama, appeared on the TV machine to announce that Osama bin Laden is no more.
I gotta say I was shocked & dismayed that EM/HO was preempted but this seems like good news worthy of sharing in a timely manner.
I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  I wasn’t around for 911 but every dog who is connected in the blogosphere knows the story & images of the tragedy of 911.  & every dog knows the name Osama & its connections with the tragedy & the vicious attacks & senseless bloodshed that both preceded & followed 911.
I’m not an Attack Dog; not angry or aggressive.  Perhaps my perspective is not that of humans since I wasn’t there during the actual event.  But it seems to me that now the decks have been cleared for Americans to get back to the bidness @ paw.
Maybe if our leadership had been more Presidential @ the time, not acted so personally offended & aggrieved, adjusted policies &  actions to realistically address the situation.  If W hadn’t gone on a Witch Hunt, compromised our fundamental principles with End Justifies the Means rationalizations (not to mention flipping the bird @ international law) & not been distracted with personal vendettas, we coulda got the job done quicker & cheaper, not squandered our standing in the global community or 100s of K of lives (ours & others) & not squandered Billions of $ on the credit card.
Now maybe Americans can think about how we’re going to pay for that costly vendetta, repay our debt & meet our obligations to citizens, soldiers, voters & taxpayers who came together & continued to support our country & our institutions through a grim & perilous chapter that is now History.  Maybe we can regain our standing as America the Beautiful in thought & deed, resources & pride.   Cause if we don’t get along & regain our pride & unity, Osama will have accomplished his goals, bankrupted the country in more than money.  He will have won & he’ll be a martyr with or without a body.
& now I hope we can get back to what’s really important . . . DWTS is on tonight.  I hope it isn’t preempted by more earth shattering news cause with all that’s happening these days, it’s so not easy for a dog to keep up.  Maybe they’ll show EM/Ho @ the end of the season.
Still Just a Dog.   OpalK9  OTJ
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