My AuntieM passed on today.  I made acquaintance w/AuntieM on my roadtrip from FLland to the Great State of CA when I was guiding & assisting GrandSire in his relocation efforts.
My AuntieM was a good & gentle human.  She’s gone on to be with Jesus who was her great & good friend during her time here  AuntieM was GrandDam’s litter mate so she’ll prolly get a good visit with GrandDam.  So long AuntieM.  Your family will miss you.  Say hi to GrandDam for us.
This being the weekend of Easter & all, Mymi wished to go to the Valley of Casinos & Bling & visit #1Son & Peach, Tootsie Roll & Scooter & enjoy weekend festivities.  Tootsie Roll & Scooter have prepared well & admirably for the Easter Eggroll. They colored their Easter eggs & lined them up very nicely.  They are now looking forward with joyful anticipation to the Egg Hunt being planned as we speak by #1Son & Peach. Mymi is looking forward to meeting RyMorg . . . newest member of the family.
GrandSire plans to enjoy a fine meal @ the Pond Community & perhaps speak a bit with Jesus as the Pond provides apps which permit such networking capabilities.  Perhaps GrandSire could discuss Jesus’s preference as to which came first . . . Himself or the Easter Egg.  This is a question that always puzzles me personally.  I know I’m just a dog . . . but I just don’t get the linkage there.
So you know what that means . . . you guessed it.  After accompanying GrandSire to the store to purchase sympathy cards for AuntieM’s pups, my cuzzins, I am now, once again, enjoying the comforts & services of My Spa & Resort.  Mymi doesn’t give me much notice beforepaw so it was a good thing I sniffed out the situation.  Just enough time to pack my laptop.  I’ll be monitoring all the family news & activities. Keeping you posted.
So long AuntieM.  OpalK9 OTJ
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