I’m so proud of my state, the Great State of CA, I could just bark myself Goofy.  Chase my tail around a tree.  Shake paws w/cats . . . (eeeuuu)
Alla my BFFs know that we, here in CA, believe in recycling.  Why we even recycle our Govs.  We hadda gov everybody called Gov Moonbeam back in the day, before my time here on  Gov Moonbeam was a left coast, latte drinking, tree hugging intellectual elitist who could never get a job in the private sector.
“For the uninitiated, ‘Governor Moonbeam’ became Mr. Brown’s intractable sobriquet, dating back to his days as governor between 1975 and 1983, when his state led the nation in pretty much everything — its economy, environmental awareness and, yes, class-A eccentrics.  The nickname was coined by Mike Royko, the famed Chicago columnist, who in 1976 said that Mr. Brown appeared to be attracting “the moonbeam vote,” which in Chicago political parlance meant young, idealistic and nontraditional.  The term had a nice California feel, and Mr. Royko eventually began applying it when he wrote about the Golden State’s young, idealistic and nontraditional chief executive. He found endless amusement — and sometimes outright agitation — in California’s oddities, calling the state “the world’s largest outdoor mental asylum. If it babbles and its eyeballs are glazed,” he noted in April 1979, “it probably comes from California.” (Thank you NYTimes)
Turns out though, Gov Moonbeam had some pretty good ideas.  & CA voters thought, given the choices, we’d vote for Gov Moonbeam & recycle yet again.  I’m so proud of my state.

We don’t need permission from the Party of No You Can’t to invest wisely & return CA to its rightful place as the undisputed leader of the free world & global economy, & environmental awareness & sensitivity.  We don’t need advice from TX on how to push forward into the 21st Century & win the future either.

We’re the state of Yes We Can.  All good ideas start in CA & drift eastward.  Yay CA. OpalK9 OTJ,0,3118203.story?track=rss

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