OMG.  I’ve been soooo remiss in my duties.  What we have here is failure to communicate 1 of my most important functions & activities.  Clearly dropped the ball on my Litterary Activist duties when I failed to include such activities in previous posting.  Forgot my purpose.  Great Todo forgive me.
2 B sure . . . we carry the banner of Litterary Activism wherever we go.  We always pack plastic poo bags cause even if they aren’t necessary for their primary, stated purpose, they are most useful containers for the trash that turns up in our path.  No shortage of plasticBig Gulp cups, styrofoam containers, direct mailer papers, paper wrapped in plastic & weighted w/pebbles, blah, blah, blah.  You know the routine.  As long as there’s trash we’ll have a job.
We have 1 neighbor who previously seemed to believe he was making a statement of rebellion forcing his poor K9 companion to accomplish necessary bodily functions on the sidewalk & not bothering to clean it up.  Now the rebellious statement is to place the excrement in produce bags & place said bags next to the public trash containers in the park or place said bags in the gutter.  Which is an improvement I guess over leaving it on the sidewalk but still not funny & still pretty pointless except to angryvate neighbors & citizens who have to use the sidewalk & give us dogs another black eye.  Ill-considered actions can have serious unanticipated consequences.  Myself, personally, I feel sorry for the dog that has to accompany such rude & arrogant behavior.  There are no bad dogs & we can’t chose our companions.
Whatta ya want?  I’m just a dog.  Got my paws full just keeping up w/all the events occurring around  Clearly dogs weren’t designed to multi-task & sometimes I don’t know whether to sit or go blind from information overload.  Gotta keep up to get ahead in this life. OpalK9 OTJ
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  1. Rocky & Buds says:

    There are always jerks around. Maybe he’s a teabagger. There is a little good news: Glen Beck has been canceled on Fox News. Advertisers don’t like him and Roger Ailes is tired of picking up and bagging his droppings. Yay! Rocky and Buds.

    You would have a good friendship w/cuzzins Ty and Jax, as their parents take them for walks to clean up trash. I think they even have one of those pokie thingies that stabs the paper so you don’t have to lean over and/or touch it. Auntie MaBear is VERY proud that her grandies are being taught about civic duty and cleanliness. Other grandies are doing green work as well…recycling and also at least one ma is teaching kids, by example, to never use plastic bags for groceries…good job my furry friend…AuntieMaBear

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