In the overall scheme of things, DWTS can seem todolly trivial & insignificant.  There are much more serious & relevant topics to discuss. What with:
Freedom protests in Africa & Labor protests in the Midwest:
Earthquake & tsunami & massive humanitarian relief effort in Japan &
Slow Nuclear Meltdown, secondary effect in the perfect storm of natural & man-made disasters in Japan;
Bombing in Lybia & high costs of war;
Oily substance washing up on LA beaches which experts assure has nothing to do with BP Deep H20 Horizons oil spill of less than 1 HY ago.  What could possibly go wrong so long?
And in my state, the Great State of CA, we got:
the end of Nuclear Complacency & renewed calls for audit & review of the safety of nuclear reactors in seismically active zones which is pretty much all of CA;
Record rain & snowfall (well the skiers are happy);
Roads sliding into the Pacific, rock slides onto roads, power outages from wind & snow storms;
Yosemite Park closed due to storm related circumstance;
Budgetary crisis of Biblical proportions.
& in My Valley
A tornado touched down.  No damage reported.  But don’tcha know this dog is no fool.  I saw the dark, funnel clouds & wind circles & lay down quietly in the farthest corner of my back yard.  Not hiding in my house in a tornado & waking up in KS, thank you very much.  Ya don’t hafta hit this dog over the head with a house.
So yeah, in the overall scheme of things, DWTS is pretty silly & irrelevant.  Not contributing to the solutions for Whirrelled Peas & Clean, safe, abundant energy.  That’s why DWTS is so important in maintaining perspective. It’s something audiences can look forward to that won’t shake the planet on its axis.
We were prepared, todolly for last night’s debut.  I had Popped Kibble & Gutter Water (my fave) all ready.  The list of Hazbeens & Wannabes was filled with names I, myself, personally did not recognize.  There were some dancers & there were some Not Ready for Prime Time.  But we love the music & dancing, drama & surprise.
At the end of the day, 2 stars were clear faves & front runners.  Karate Kid & Fat Actress.  Mymi says Old Broads Rock.  We’ll see how it all shakes out hopefully before the end of the world as we know it.  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to SEASON XII A DEBUT

  1. ok9otj says:

    Only Opal could get the perspective correct !!!!! Congrats !!!! We dogs have got it all over humans !!!! Now if only we could get some real power to run this world !!!! Maybe out day will come !!! Annie

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