Most days, when we walkies over to GrandSire’s to check status, he keeps us very well informed as to the current status of situations locally & around the country & in the hot spots of  He’s a student of current events & has keen observational skills about a wide range of subjects & events.
I like to station myself right behind GrandSire’s recliner chair, perk up my ears & listen to the TV dialog & the internal conversation within this safe & secure environment.  I learn a lot.  Not just another dumb dog ya know.
GrandSire’s observations include:
Charlie who . . . doesn’t he have the right to remain silent?  He oughta exercise it;
I’m not gonna play football anymore now that I know that repeatedly banging my head & causing serial concussions could lead to brain damage & confusion in later life;
Scott Walker seems like a one man Get Out the Democratic Vote campaign;
Didn’t watch the Academy Awards.  I saw the original King’s Speech starring King George VI.  I read a book;
When we lived in WI, there were no palm trees.  Global warming must be real; it’s creeping into the Midwest;
What’s this country coming to?  Millionaires forced to turn mansions into boarding houses to avoid foreclosure.  Thoughts of Depression dancing in my head;
I usedta be a Republican & Newtie G was a crook then.  Now he’s an on-line crook.  I’m not gonna Friend him on Facebook;
Wish someone had told me to eat right, exercise, live within my means, save for a rainy day & clean up my own messes a long time ago;
I eliminated all redundancy in my life.  I have a TV, telephone, email & a library card.  What more do I need?
I’m so happy to have GrandSire’s wise perspective & support so I can be the very best Bloggin’ Dog, K9 Pundamentalist & Litterary Activist in theBlogosphere.  Thanks GrandSire.  OpalK9 OTJ
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