On Walkies, most recently, we’ve been noticing a lotta domiciles in our neighborhood sporting For Sale signs with small signs attached below so’s you hardly notice the ‘foreclosure’ part of the package.  Alla these domiciles have another thing in common . . . they have a small piece of paper taped in the front windows of the homes . . . further giving away the fact that it’s a foreclosure.  So sad . . . ppl’s lives disrupted. Neighborhoods in disrepair.
Down there @ Problem Solvers, they are noticing an uptick in callers desperate for help resolving mortgage modification & consumer credit issues.  Problem Solvers are stumped.  There is no single resource that they can refer callers to for help in resolving these issues.  The Thursdays think it would be a good idea for the station to research & find out the best advice so they can actually advocate for the callers & consumers. So sad . . . when the economy (convenietnly) fell offa cliff back during the Presidential campaign & Congress rushed (again) to judgment & decided to bail out banks without any guidelines or conditions for going forward.  Now banks & banksters are fat & content & reporting record profits @ taxpayer expense but the average Joe the Bull & Jane the Ewe are still treading quick sand. & the Party of Nope insists that everything that occurred before Nov 08 is ancient history that no one should remember or regard. 
I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  I tried & tried to ‘splain to Mymi that us dogs would never pull those kinda dirty tricks on each other.  Just not done.  Us dogs’d be way lots more generous, charitable & understanding in the face of uncertain & unpredicted & unmodeled situations such as right now.
Since humans can’t seem to learn that trick, here’s another suggestion.  Why not another round of bailouts for the average hard-working citizen, taxpayer & voter.  How bout giving a million credits/dollars/yuan . . . whatever to each SSN listed on the citizen rolls of each state.  That’d pretty much cover everyone . . . Tootsie Roll, Scooter & JoeBob have SSNs so the youngsters wouldn’t be left out.  Well perhaps parents could be guardians for young children but they wouldn’t be left out.  Course that wouldn’t assure responsible spending but it’s a start.
Then hard-working citizens, taxpayers & voters could decide how they want to spend.  They could maybe pay off their mortgages thusly relieving them of having to deal with squirrelous & predatory lenders.  They could maybe use some $ to make home improvements . . .  like alternative energy sources so they aren’t participating in our dependence on foreign oil.  They might wanna invest in a start-up bidness for say . . . alternative energy generation & infrastructure . . . again reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  They might wanna get themselves fixed up with medical & dental services which they haven’t been able to do heretofore cause they are outta work & can’t afford such frills.  They might wanna get job training so they can do something productive when the opportunities arise as us dogs are confident they will arise again.
Whatever hard-working citizens, taxpayers & voters decide to do with their bailout funds, at least they will have the opportunity to make these choices & options for themselves & not depend on the whims of elected officials beholden to large & insular & remote special interests.  I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog but somebody’s gotta think of something cause the Party of Status Quo & Special Interest is outta suggestions & ideas.  & of course, we can’t just shoot our way outta this mess.  Then Problem Solvers would have something to advise their constituents.
Peach reports that RyMorg is perfect in every way & a special delight to his new & proud GrandDam.  He’ll prolly be talking soon.   OpalK9 OTJ
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