Buddy & Lily’s job & responsibilities just got expanded . . . big time.  J1 & his mate, StarsGirl welcomed the family’s newest pup into the AnimalPlanet.comcommunity.  RyMorg was whelped on Mymi’s birthdate.  That’s pretty cool.
Peach is tickled pink.  Tootsie Roll is now a big sister & auntie.  Scooter is a Big Brother/Uncle.  #1Son is Papa & GrampaKenny came to the Valley of Casinos & Bling for the big event.
RyMorg was 20″ long & 7 lb 4 oz which seems pretty big for a newly whelped pup but then humans tend to produce only 1 pup @ a time, so that’s prolly not so big in the big pitcher of things.  RyMorg has 10 fingers & 10 toes so he’s pretty much complete upon arrival . . . no assembly required.
RyMorg’s Sire & his Big Uncle, J2, are very good big brothers to Tootsie Roll & Scooter so I think RyMorg will be very loved & happy.
Buddy & Lily are nutso about RyMorg . . . another addition to the family circle.  Buddy & Lily promise to do their best to guide & assist, guard & protect the whole family.
Buddy’s getting a little gray in the muzzle & he was sorta thinking about retirement.  You know.  Kickin’ back. Relaxin’ in the Valley.  Letting Lily assume more of the responsibilities. Tootsie Roll attends kindergarten shortly.  Scooter attends pre-school classes & Buddy sorta thought his responsibilities would decrease as the kiddies grow & expand horizons.
But Peach will prolly be watching RyMorg a lot as she’s a very proud new GrandDam & wants to guide & assist this grandpup.
So Buddy & Lily will just hafta chin up.  A dog’s work is never done.  Good luck Lily & Buddy.  I got your back.
RyMorg makes Mymi a GreatGrandDam & GrandSire GreatGreatGrandSire.  That’s a pretty long handle tho so I’ll just continue to refer to him as . . . GrandSire.  He’s most pleased with this latest development as few humans experience 5 generations in their lifetime. OpalK9 OTJ
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