It’s been just 1 thing after another around here.  It’s enough to drive a dog Goofy trying to prioritize all that requires my attention during these climatologically trying times here in my state.  I just don’t know whether to sit of go blind.

1 day it’s windy & cold, rainy & blustery with snow up in the mountains causing traffic congestion & auto accidents & general human frustration.  Next day it’s sunny & windy.  Chilly but not a challenge so much for my fur coat.  Humans gotta keep bundling up in winter garb to get thru the inclement weather.  Prolly the dummest thing humans ever did was permanently shed their fur.  Big mistake.

I hadda accompany Mymi &  2 legged BFFs on a special Walkies over to the Ppls Rep of Davis (Go Aggies) cause you know, humans can’t find their way around a pond without assistance & guidance.  Not really that difficult to sniff out if you can just remember to make sufficient numbers of right turns til you wind up left of where you started.  So simple if you connect the dots, sniff between the lines.

We saw lotsa special things on the Valentines Day Walk which I wanted to share cause of all this negative, white-out weather.  Turtles were lovin’ the sunshine.  & Duck Couples were enjoying the sunshine too.  We saw a cormorant (?) drying it’s wings & the Most Perfect Spring Tulip.  @ the very end of our walkie, we saw a unusual garden of red flowers . . . the Stop Garden.

A’course I spose I shouldn’t complain alot re: local weather patterns of rain & snow, wind & fog.  My Cuzzins Ca’ani & Ginger been fwding me Most Extraordinary pix from their deck.  Good luck w/that Snowplow thingy Ca’ani. Sorta not like MySpace.

All the snow looks like descriptions I read re: the Donner Party.  At least no one’s eating their young . . . yet.   ‘cept of course the Party of Nope which seems to be eating their young & everyone else’s young . . . read my lips.  OpalK9 OTJ


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