It happened again.  More gun violence.  More innocent dead.  Community chaos.  Because some guy with a gun & a grudge sought to resolve a personal problem with violence & anger.
This time it happened close to home, in the foothills that surround My Valley.  @ the very hall of academia which #1Son attended back in the day.  Course that was before my family moved to thIS Valley, before I was an integral part of my family.   Before GrandSire relocated to My Valley.  When there was a clear difference between Flatlanders & Foothillys.  & nobody paid much attention to the happs in Hangtown.  Not even long hair could hide Red Necks.  Hangtown is matured now.  Come of age.
Now a community is torn apart & left to mourn & light candles & pray.  A family is torn apart & people are left scratching heads & wishing & praying something could be done.
It’s very puzzling to us critters, lower forms of life, why humans are so helpless to do anything re: this senseless gun violence.  Certainly no self-respecting off-spring of Great Todo would resort to such extremism & violence & just blow another critter offa the planet in a fit of anger so particularly human in character.  So senseless.
But since humans are so helpless & hopeless in this situation, we, here @ Todo Chronicles, have a suggestion.  Humans are always tinkering & twiddling, striving for self-improvement & upward mobility. They like to update & re-engineer things to suit their tastes & preferences.  Why not just breed humans without trigger fingers?  If I could become a Bloggin’ Dog, Litterary Activist & K9 Pundamentalist with a mere 4 digits/paw, humans can do it.  Since they can’t seem to control human nature, just give up the finger. Problem solved.  You’re welcome for this simple suggestion to resolve a problem that seems to plagues all mankind.
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