I hadda accompany Mymi to Jazz Fest so we could see JoeBob demonstrate his musical skills & abilities in a local High School competition.  JoeBob is not yet, officially, a high school student but he attends a school that has a tradition of excellence in academics, sports & cultural pursuits.
It was a dark & dreary day but the fam turned out in support of JoeBob & his musical efforts.  I always said that music is what separates humans from other critters on AnimalPlanet.com. JoeBob plays an array of musical instruments.  JoeBob & his classmates & students in the surrounding NoCA areas did their species proud.  Now I am a Gleek. I gotta add the pix to my growing photo album collection.
As usual, we regularly check status with GrandSire . . . just to be todally sure everything is AOK in that arena.  GrandSire follows current events & is quite familiar with lotsa communities & localities across our country as he resided in many of them.  He’s experienced hurricanes & tornadoes, hale & thunderstorms, floods & BlackOut.  He shoveled his share of snow & plowed a field or 2 in his day.  So he’s watching closely the 1st Apocalypse of 2011 from his armchair. GrandSire says he’s glad he now resides in CA. So are we.
My UncaT & AuntieTeach sent us pix of the snowstorm that already hit their part of the country.  Ca’ani & Ginger appear less than enthusiastic regarding snow . . . I added the pix to my growing collection of photo albums.  I can tell from here I’m notta snowdog.
#1Son texted Mymi re:  Annual Birthdate Party for Tootsie Roll & Scooter.  Mymi is flying to the Valley of Casinos & Bling in order to participate in this annual festival.  I made reservations @ MySpa & Resort.  I’m prepared.  Packing my laptop.  Tucked my jammies into my backpack.  I’m ready to receive all the pix Mymi will be forwarding for Photoshopping & adding said pix to my growing collection of photo albums.  That should make the weekend go pretty quickly.
Which means I’ll be watching the SuperBowl on my laptop with all my BFFs @ MySpa & Resort.  Good thing they are not playing in the Midwest or Nor’east where snowfall is expected to exceed 2 feet which will stop traffic & commerce forever. Course Weatherpersons are predicting snow in TX which is todally opposed to WeatherWay Common Wisdom so there ya go.  Global Warming is a myth.  Packers or Steelers?  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to A GLEEKY DOG

  1. ok9otj says:

    A primary grade school 10 miles from us had two gun attack problems inside one week….policeman got shot on first one…both times they had to lock down all the nearby schools….insane!!! MaBear

    We are sad to read of this tragedy. Well said. AuntieTeach

    We are on the same page…..My heart is broken by the non human response to anything that is NOT “my way”. Are we lost forever……. Annie & GMama

    Makes as much sense as the city charging non-residents for crash response.
    Mama & Babs

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