We, here @ Todo Chronicles, have conducted our poll & results clearly indicate that Concerned Pets are sending a strong message & response to the SOTU.  We can now conclude with good authority that Pet Sentiment is running 10 to 1 in the Like direction in support of Prez Barko Bama’s We Do Big Things, Win the Future & Yes We Can message.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, believe that the Prez is well positioned to Take Our Country Back from the Jaws of Defeat & Helplessness.  We always like positive barks & yips, purrs & meows & other positive sentiments of agreement & cooperation.  Paws across the aisle.  Hip hip hooray.
Of course, none of us pets got fancy B-School Diplomas.  We don’t pretend expertise in Rocket Science or Voo-Doo Economics or Politics of Persuasion.  We don’t lay around all day spinning fancy financial instruments that no one understands but which are built to fail & which exceeded all expectations.  But we pets know a couple a things about success & prosperity like a successful enterprise has a good bidness plan which is what the Prez, as CEO & Chief Policy Maker USofA delivered .  .  .  according to common PetWay Perception & Pets are pretty astute at reading human non-verbal & verbal ques.  & we know that successful enterprise always re-invests in itself.  Easy-peasy.  Not brain surgery.
Concerned Pets also know that 1 + 1 still = 2, is still round, & nothing is free . . . ultimately. Ultimately the Piper be paid.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, also know a thing or 2 about digging holes & this hole wasn’t dug in a day or a week & it wasn’t dug by extravagant & irresponsible pets.  We put our fate in your hands Prez Barko Bama.  What else can we do?  OpalK9 OTJ
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