OMG.  Where does the time go?  Seems like only yesterday I was Just A Dog approaching GrandSire’s Birthdate #92 which is like a todolly astronomical number of HY to count.  Now GrandSire’s birthdate #96 approaches.  Yikes.  That makes him pretty near . . . 673 K9Y.  He’s pretty wise & smart . . . so I believe it.   Happy Birthdate, GrandSire.
Back in the day . . . when GrandSire was only 654 K9Y, he useta live in FL-land & I hadda go visit him & guide & assist him on the Road to Recovery.  I flew eastward on a big JetBlue airplane.  Airplanes seem so small when I see them up in the sky . . . not like they could hold all those passengers & dogs too. We had lotsa adventures in FL-land, guiding & assisting GrandSire & all.  Then we flew westward, home again to my state, the Great State of CA.
Then we flew back again to FL-land to guide & assist GrandSire on his Road Trip so that he could come out here to CA & live near us.  That GrandSire is a pioneer & adventurer.
Upon arrival in FL-land, I was Just A Dog, bewildered by my situation.  I hadda make do.  I wasn’t a Bloggin’ Dog or a Litterary Activist or a K9 Pundamentalist.  But we’re all on this journey together & so I guided & assisted GrandSire & my family best I could.  & now GrandSire resides in my state, the Great State of CA & I think he’s pretty happy with the whole situation.
I been guiding & assisting GrandSire & family 4 HY now so it was my duty & responsibility to go to the Pond, GrandSire’s domain, to participate in the monthly birthdate celebration. All the January Birthdaters were honored.  They took pix. See . . . that’s me right there in front smiling my prettiest . . .
Lotsa other Good Dogs were whelped in January . . . Martin, John, JoeBob, Tootsie Roll & Commander J.  JoeBob is becoming a fine young man & we’re pretty sure Tootsie Roll is headed in the right direction.
I’m so proud of my family I could just bark.  Happy Birthdate GrandSire.  OpalK9 OTJ
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