Thusly far into the New HY, we here @ Todo Chronicles, have perceived a certain lack of focus re: Campaign 2012 on the part of the Party of Knowpe.  Therefore, we, here @ Todo Chronicles, Litterary Activist & Messaging Consultant to the Stars of Dancing, wish to offer a few simple suggestions for Potential Presidential Candidates in the Wide Open Field of the Party of Knowpe on how to refocus, redefine & reframe the debate, discussion & dialogue to assure razor sharp thinking with use of cutting edge digital technology.  Some suggested bumper stickers & campaign slogans . . .

Palin 2012: So Cute. So Hopeful. So Logical. So Presidential. Hard to Refusiate.
Boehner: Status Quo We Can Believe In;
Tim Pawlenty On Every Side;
Don’t Retreat. Repeal. Repeat. Reload. ReVote – early & often;
Mitt Romney: America’s CEO. 4 Healthcare B4 Against It;
John McCain 2012: Me First; also Falling On Your Sword Can Be Detrimental to Your Health;
Gingrinch: Not A CREEP (also recommended for Mr. The Hammer);
Rudy Guiliani: Redefining the English Sentence – Noun + Verb = 911.  Everything = 911;
2nd Amendment Advocates: Removing Jobs From the Endangered Species List;
Sen Tom Coburn – Still Incompetent;
Gov Chris Christie: Return to Fiscal Conservationism;
Tom DeLay (recently of DWTS fame) Redefining Credit Default Swaps for Everyday Americans;
Jeb Bush: Return to the Age of Presidential Infallibility;
Bachman: Reduce the Intelligence Deficit; also Breaking the Glass Ceiling Top Downward;
Rand Paul: We’ve Come to Take Our Country Back because:
  • Supply Side Economics-Trickle Down Theory;
  • Bumper Sticker philosophy & Photo Op Imagery;
  • Expensive & Pointless Witch Hunts;
  • Unfunded Tax Cuts & Millionaire/Billionaire Tax Give Aways;
  • Exclusions & Exceptions, Exemptions & Tax Loopholes;
  • Overleveraged, Overextended, Off the Books Wars of Choice;
  • Lessaiz (sp?) Farce Oversight;
  • Dismantling Regulatory Structure & Appointing Cronies, Hacks & Friends of Corporate Structure;
  • Inadequate & Obsolete Infrastructure & Underfunding Maintenance & Repair;
  • Neglecting public health, education & welfare while
  • Growing the Military/Industrial & Privatization Complexes are all examples of public policy that have worked so todolly & indisputably well in the past.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
You’re welcome for these 100% free & guaranteed to work, voted #1 best simple yet useful suggestions.  We, here @ Todo Chronicles, do what we can.  OpalK9 OTJ


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