There’s an ugly rumor afoot that I, OpalK9, Bloggin’ Dog & Litterary Activist, have forgotten purpose & neglected duties & responsibilities re: matters pertaining to cleanliness, order & trash patrol in my neighborhood & community.  Not so, Mis Amigos.  Just not so.
I sniff out & point to litter whenever & wherever I discover it on my daily rounds.  We todolly always carry plastic poo bags to fill with organic wastes produced by myself & sometimes other K9 neighbors.  We pick up plastic, styrofoam, glass & other items inappropriately placed in the streets & gutters of our daily & appointed rounds.  Sometimes we hafta retrieve plastic produce bags containing above referenced organic wastes deposited by an unknown neighbor in the gutters & next to park waste receptacles which is becoming sooooo not funny anymore.  The litter, trash & recyclestream does not abate.  We do what we can.
Sometimes, many of us in the Animal Kingdom, which is something of a misconception & redirection cause no other species competes for Global Dominance in the manner & determination of humans, would get the idea that the right to litter freely is some sorta Hippie-Dippie, Free Radical Revolutionary paradigm of freedom & liberated self expression of individual liberties & rights, duties & privileges; a God-given & Constitutionally guaranteed thingy . . . whatever.
Often us critters & other inhabitants of wonder how humans continually deceive themselves . . . I mean they ain’t all that smart for all their occupying the #1 platform @ the Top of the Food Chain, smartest & most cleverest & enlightened crowning achievement of Creationism & they can’t even clean up their crate.  Sigh.
I todolly hate sounding like a self-righteous gingrinch but someone’s gotta do it.  Someone’s gotta point out the obvious.  We all know what’s wrong with this country . . .
Left Leaning Liberals & Spend & Spend Progressives;
Gays & Gays in the Military;
Labor & Organized Labor;
Public Service Employees & Organized Public Service Employees:
Non-Gun Toting Citizens;
Educators & Teachers;
Citizen Soldiers & Bleeding Heart Veterans;
Undocumented Immigrants;
Scientists & other Radical Intellectual Elitists;
Gangstas & Cartels importing contrabanded substances from without our borders & forcing said substances on our youngsters & other vulnerables & expendables;
the 4th Estate;
Savers of $;
Tree Huggers & other advocates of Green Revolution & Cap & Taxers;
Pensioners & participants in Socialist Security & Nanny State Medicare not to mention yet to be beneficiaries who willfully participate in the system (todolly Socialistic & unpatriotic);
IMO, the only answer to our problems is to reconvene the HUAC.  Where’s Joe McCarthy when ya need him?  OpalK9 OTJ
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