The Holidays are such a crazy busy time of each HY don’tcha think?  I tell you, I been chasing my tail, running around.  Don’t know whether to sit or go blind trying to get everything done.  Guide & assist & generally be of good service.  Which I’m not helped out any by being sorta sick & puny myself after my visit to My Spa & Resort & Mymi barking & hacking around here like a cough & cold & flu commercial.  Good thing K9s & humans don’t share the same diseases most of the time.

I was quite uncomfortable checking status @ GrandSire’s when I was having trouble controlling my bowels. Todolly embarrassing but @ least I didn’t have to wear a diaper.  I got through OK & then we visited my Vet who prescribed a special diet to assist with this most embarrassing situation.  So like I’ve been on this special diet for 2 HWs & now things are pretty much back to normal on the part of my part.

Mymi however is another story.  My whole routine is shot & we been tweeting GrandSire (who himself isn’t much of a tweeter) & checking status on FB or just phoning in.  Can you hear me now?  Anyway, not being inclined to ask for trouble, we been keeping up w/GrandSire’s status remotely cause we didn’t want to spread Mymi’s cold & crud to GrandSire or throughout the Pond community.  He’s very patient & understanding & doesn’t want to spread the mange either.

Besides, it’s been cold & gray & grim for like ever.  Todolly non-characteristic of my state weather patterns. I don’t mind so much cause I got all my fur but Mymi gripes so when the sun don’t shine.  She says it’s depressing.

I don’t mind the cold so much but I have missed my walkies, sniffing out the neighborhood & familiarizing myself with the happenings in my community.  The last couple of days have been nice & sunny & I hadda drag Mymi along to take proper advantage of the situation.

We met Maggie Retriever @ the Corner Park.  Maggie challenged me to chase my ball.  I beat Maggie paws down every time.  Don’t think Maggie wasm’t a little intimidated by my todal focus & aggressive manner.  My ball & I’ll take it & go home if I don’t get my way.

Also met up w/Greenley Bella @ Middle School Park.  Greenley Bella is of mixed, yet noble, heritage, Border Collie/German Shepherd.  Greenley is young & needs some pointers on this herding bidness which I was happy to give.  Just don’t take my ball, Greenley.

Today we met Ginger, an English Springer Spaniel of noble heritage.  But I’m all confused w/this naming bidness. Ginger looks like my cuzzin Ca’ani & my cuzzin Ginger is a dog of a todolly different heritage & doesn’t look anything like Ginger or My Cuzzin Ca’ani.  I guess you just can’t make snappy conclusions based on a name or label.  So confusing.

The Weatherman says it’s gonna be grim & rainy for the next HW so I’m glad we got our neighborhood patrol & communication responsibilities updated.  I’ll be searching for Maggie & Greenley Bella & Ginger in the future.  OpalK9 OTJ
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  1. ok9otj says:

    This made me laugh, Opal……You are something else…..I’ve never had the “squirts” and hope I never do as my Mom will go nuts !!!!! She doesn’t like messes or anything on my fur!!! My only problem has been with pain due to ??? My 1/2 brother is on steroids right now….Left leg severe pain which the vet says is coming from his back…..Vet is hoping it isn’t anything serious as operation would be about $3,500 with no guarantees so he may have to go to dogie heaven which is NOT an option the family wants to consider. Please ask all the dogie angels to pray for him !!! Colorful packages around here this week and Mom seems to be going out more. glad I’m at home with this cold weather although we did get a walk i today ad tomorrow is suppose to be 70 !! YEA !! Mom HATES the cold ad grumbles about it….Don’t know why….She can’t do anything about it. People just don’t get it sometimes. Have a Merry Merry day !!!! Yr BFF Annie

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