Is it just me or has this whole internets thingy just gotten todolly & needlessly more complex than it was even say a week ago?  At first I thought this Leakiwicks controversy was just another distraction designed to dismiss diplomacy & drum up support for Warhawks expansion of expensive & ineffective military spending.  Ya know . . . the old Guns & Butter Fight.  I smelt a rat . . . again.
But it seems perhaps that rat has multiplied into a Rat that Roared or something.  Whatever.  Now the fight is over the public’s right to know & media responsibility to inform & protecting 1 ghostly bully who hides behind whether he has control over what his personally invented & constructed website leaks even tho they don’t care who or what in the whole AnimalPlanet.com spectrum they hurt or inconvenience.  Is it just me or is the whole world crazy with ADHD & OCD?
GrandSire, my hero, forwarded me this awesome slide show tho.  That GrandSire.  He has such a way with priorities & perspective. 
When did America lose focus on self-investment & education, commitment to excellence & reinvention striving for a more perfect union & start focusing on the petty & the mean spirited?  The cheap & the cheezy & the easy way outta self-induced problems created by short-changing, short-shrifting & short-sightedness?   When you get to the bottom of a hole quit digging.  I know I know.  I’m just a dog but I know a thing or 2 about digging holes.
Enjoy the slide show.  OpalK9 OTJ
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