So like I was todolly kick-back & relaxing w/my BFFs @ My Spa & Resort.  Just barkin’ & scratchin’ & munchieing around.  I was like taking bets on the National Dog Show.  My Fav was (naturally) the Aussie Class.  It was pretty clear I wasn’t goin’ home.
& then, my personal trainer, Julia, arrived @ my suite & announced  . . . Bath Time, OpalK9.  I’m like WTF?  Checkin the time on my laptop, it was like late afternoon.  Surely you jest Julia.  But no.  Next I know . . . I’m in the hot tub.  Blow dried & fluffed.  & then, Mymi was there todolly after dark.  Goin’ home. 
I’m given to understand that a great time was had by all for Turkey Day.  Travel connections were OK.  GrandSire was enhanced Pat-Downed on both ends of the trip which was prolly more bother for airport security than for him.  Airport personnel rolls him around in the rolling chair.  They hadda assist him to remove belt & shoes & articles of clothing.  He was quite pleased to be considered a threatening terrorist type.  LOL.
I missed turkey dinner in the Valley of Casinos & Bling but we cooked 1 for homeless & hungry here in my Valley.  So I gotta taste of the goodies prior to my junkette to My Spa & Resort.  I see what all the fuss is about.  Turkey is delicious. 
Peach & her littermate, SonogramGirl, prepared a family feast.  Lucky Buddy & Lily.  They scored big time with all the scraps & leftovers. 
The family, except for Buddy & Lily, went to see the new Instant Classic, Tangled.  Tootsie Roll & Quits liked the movie very much.  So did GrandSire.
GrandSire wished to place a few wagers whilst there in the Valley of Casinos & Bling.  Turns out, @ the end of the day, it’s not so simple to place wagers these days.  As with all things human, the placement of wagers has becomea complex series of transactions involving human/computer interaction.  He figured out the systems operation.  Placed his wager & exercised an exit strategy @ the appropriate time.   He’s a big winner, entrapreneurial strategist & economic engine.  He placed winnings of $36 in his pocket & left the building.  Prolly coulda won more but he didn’t wanna break the bank.   That GrandSire.  He’s a winner. 
Everyone is most happy to be home, safe & sound.   Myself personally, I learned once again there’s no place like home.  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to MY JUNKETTE

  1. ok9otj says:

    Hey, Opal,

    Glad to hear that you’re doing so well. I, Babette, had a great Thanksgiving. Mamá, Papá, and I went to Aunt Sandi’s; Aunt Nancy and Tyler were there, too. Sandi has a new dog, Iggy. He’s okay, but very shy. Papá picked up a Bird-In-A-Box meal and Mamá heated up all the stuff inside, including my very fave: Turkey!!! Naturally, I was very polite all day, but couldn’t wait to get my share of the goodies when we got home.

    Recently, Mamá read that dogs actually see things faster than humans do. Of course, Opal, you and I have known this forever, but it totally threw off Mamá’s sense of the time-space continuum. She is so confused . . .

    She has also been upset by lots of stuff in the news lately. Not only the usual universal mess the planet is in, but little things: For example, she read that people leave bags of food at the food bank because they don’t know how to prepare a fresh vegetable — now that’s a crime. I realize that Mymi isn’t really interested in cooking, but I bet she could bake a potato in a pinch.

    Also, did you see that the Pope (an important human for some people) said that it is okay for male prostitutes to use condoms, but not other people? Now, sex is not part of my life, but for humans, it is a big deal and to prove it, there are lots of rules about it. (Most of which are silly, but that’s humans for you.) Personally, I think humans should slow down their reproduction ’til they get a better handle on things like poverty, war, global warming, etc.. Mamá said that it is ludicrous to worry that a another Mozart (whoever he was) might not be born if humans use contraception when millions of humans will die of starvation, disease, or war before they ever see or hear a piano!!!!!

    Well that’s it for my rants. I went for a walk with Papá earlier and Mamá s promising another, so I gotta go.

    Take care, Opal, and give our best to Mymi.

    Your FFS,

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