I can always tell when Mymi & GrandSire are coming to pick me up.  My Spa always gives me a bath & grooms me up really pretty so I can look & feel my best, my very best, for retrieval & return Home Again.  See that’s me waiting patiently. 
My Spa has gotten usedta the idea of a Bloggin’ Dog & I no longer hafta bootleg in my Laptop.  Which is good news cause aside from Playtime & Naptime, Mealtime & Bedtime Snacks, & Nighty Night Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite StoryTime, there isn’t a lot for a thinking dog, with an inquiring mind, to do.  So I gotta lotta air time & message time in while relaxing & retreating @ My Spa.
I know.  I know.  I’m just a dog.  Not qualified to discuss complex human affairs or political issues.  Cause everyone knows dogs can’t vote  . . . yet.  Oh sure.  They let openly K9s serve in the Military & Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, sniff out bombs & drugs & other contra-indicated substances.  They let us dogs sniff out diseases that plague Mankind.  They let us dogs work our butts off to compete for Blue Ribbons & Big $$$.  They let us perform services for disabled & challenged.  But nada consideration for K9 Sufferage.  Our Day will come, Dog Nation.
But being a Bloggin’ Dog, I think I’m uniquely qualified to consider & assess the nature of the loud & unproductive rhetoric machine.   I couldn’t believe somea the muck & slime being tossed about in what passes for civilized disussion these days.  Seems Americans have lost purpose & perspective.  Maybe that’s to be an expected result of the deliberate Dumbing Down of America. 
Americans have grown to believe:
 instant gratification & on-demand mythology;
 image & superficial;
 slickyness & smear, sensation & scandal du jour;
 divide & distract, demonize & dissent.
They seem to want to believe:
    bumper sticker simplicity & sound bite philosopy;
    No Demand & easy effortless application;
    100% guaranteed risk free;
    photo ops & media moments;
    Tweet & Poke, Fan & Friend & other quick & dirty messaging passes for thoughtless analysis, education & communication. 
They forgot the purpose of unity & community & replaced such quaint notions with I Got Mine, FU & Everything’s Legal Until You Get Caught.  Then it’s the battle of the High Powered & Highest Expenditure. 
They are suckers for easy smear & buzzy phrases like:
    Protect your family . . . vote no or better yet don’t vote.
    Support our troops but not 1 cent of taxpayer $ for Veterans healthcare or services or education or housing . . . not 1 cent of irresponsible spending on our Veterans or our elderly or our challenged or our youth.  Doesn’t seem like support or gratitude to me for serving & protecting our country & our way of life.
    Repeal & replace Healthcare Reform (how can repeal & replace be a good & wise expenditure of taxpayer funds?).  Repeal Social Security, Medicare, the 13th 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th Amendment.  Haven’t heard anyone with the guts to suggest repeal of the 19th Amendment.  But by all means & @ any cost, hands off the 2nd Amendment even tho the murder rate in the US, God, Guts & Glory of A is rising to epidemic proportions much like the obesity rate.  Hey whatta ya gonna do?
    Our problems are all the fautlt of Illegal Immigrants, Minorities, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Left Handed Labor, Teachers, Native Americans who didn’t really have a good immigration policy back in the day . . .
I can’t believe the Yes We Can movement could be so deluded as to think that 1 vote cast 2 HY ago could resolve all the complex issues that humans have been creating for themselves for a very long time.  I can’t believe that qualified voters, citizens & taxpayers would blow off this opportunity because . . . well:
    Issues are too complex & I don’t want to be bothered to understand;
    The nature of politicals is too dirty & offensive for me to involve myself.
Whatta buncha bunk.  Americans are their own worst enemy. 
So its prolly a good thing dogs can’t vote . . . for now.  We may be just too jaded.  GOTV.
It’s good to be home again . . . cause there’s no place like home.  OpalK9 OTJ
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