My UncaT & AuntieTeach flew alla way here over the weekend to see me & check status here in CA.  Which was sorta awkward since my state, the great state of CA, is having its share of problems presently @ the moment putting our very best foot forward. 
1st of all, the weekend was frought with unusual & unseasonal & todolly unCA-like fowl & stormy weather.  All windy & blustery.   They brought a Nor’easter with them.  They were good troopers, tho.  They smiled & were very pleasant & were most happy to see me & GrandSire.  They didn’t care that they hadda drive around in the cold & rain & goto gold country for that rural atmosphere GRandSire can most easily negotiate.   Course, all this meant that they hadda leave me home guarding the home fires so everyone could fit comfortably into the automobile. 
Don’t forget your dog. 
2nd of all, CA is going thru some tough times right now causing some competing for high CA office to nostalgize & long for the good ol old school days.  Good times.  The CA Hay Day when things were good.  Everybody had jobs & the streets were paved with pyrite.  silicon Valley was exploding.  Real estate was skyrocketing.  CA was bidness friendly & everyone was happy . . . the Good Ol’ Days when Gov Moonbeam was in Sacto & CA had successfully sent the Gipper to the White House .   .    . to spread fiscal prudery & prosperity far & wide. 
Mr President put back that wall . . .  
3rdly, we hadda Balloon Boy incident here in my region which has since been upscaled to the Galleria Inferno.  A desparate & disaffected youth took a vid store hostage & started a fire.  No one was hurt.  Everyone was evacuated safely.  The perp was hauled off to the hoosegow.  But the fire did a lotta damage & spread unexpectedly.   Now everyone is blaming someone else & there’s a big rush to clean up & get back to bidness as usual before Black Friday.  & far, far more than the Galleria generates in revenues has been expended for emergency services & clean up after the fact.  I guess when I think about it tho, CA is no worse off than most of the other states.  We just need to dig down deep & get CA pride & optimism back.  All good ideas start in CA & spread eastward.
We were happy to see UncaT & AuntieTeach.  Come again when CA gets its groove back which should be next spring.   palK9 OTJ
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