It being Columbus Day & all, we decided to expand our walkies. So after checking status @ GrandSire’s domain, we walkiesed over to the brand, new Shelter for Displaced Pets located in the Gov’mint Park near our domain.

The facility boasts wide open spaces for pets with partners to exercise & chase balls & sticks. It also boasts Pet Waste Recycling & Composting feature & a water component for pets to enjoy. That’s me there in the video enjoying the resplendent water component.

We were duly impressed with this new facility & decided to also video it. We were impressed in this time of budget constraints & fiscal prudery, the my community has the foresight to invest in a facility which is not exactly a paying proposition but which serves a large, though disenfranchised, segment of our community nonetheless.

Ya know, I’ll be the 1st to admit, I’m not an economics guru. I don’t have a Harvard MBA. No advanced degree from an Ivy League diploma mill. Not do I possess the Nobull Prize for Economics. But a universal principle of Econ 101 @ PU, is that an agency, bidness, entity or organization that fails to invest in itself will fail eventually outright. So we’re proud of our community for investing in our future.

I’m not so optimistic re: other necessary investments that need to be made now so that our future has a future. I fail to understand why Americans would routinely accept a 3rd World educational system that fails to prepare future generations to be competent & productive citizens, voters, taxpayers & consumers. The wealthy Wall Street Wizards, Masters of the Universe, Titans of Insurance & Risk-Taking Free Market Profiteers seem to value each & every life prior to whelping & after they take their place in society to purchase all the consumer products, buy faulty mortgages & other equally shakey investments & generally consume & spend their way into bankruptcy & oblivion at which point they become quite useless & expendable.

& the Little People have to be brainwashed to believe that they should accept & be grateful for the crumbs of education they receive because who wants to pay for some neighbor’s no-accoount, juvenile delinquent, gang-banger child to have an education that might allow some thought as to how they are manipulated into hysteria over nothing wedge issues & todally fail to understand that AnimalPlanet.com is round & not the center of the cosmos, where babies come from & that Global Climate Change is a fact & neither God nor Great Todo gives a fig who is to blame. Dog & Great Todo just want humans to wake up & smell the coffee & make it right.

The Billionaries Club oughta be more selective in who it admits into those exclusive ranks. Cause 20-something Zuckerberg just gave away mountains of $ to the Newark NJ schools so that at least 1 small sector of the population might receive a decent education that teaches the future to think & not just react to gossip & fear-mongering. Too bad there are so few Zuckerbergs & so many waiting for a Zuckerberg to be a White Knight. Course we didn’t hear too much fanfare re: this generous benificence. So maybe the Billionaires Club is closing ranks after the pig is out.  OpalK9 OTJ

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  1. Annie says:

    Right on again…..Wasn’t it heartwarming to watch #33 come up last night in Chile !! Finally an example of nations working together for a common good !!!! Now how long did it take the #1 nation in the world to cap an oil leak???????? How many nations or other people did we ask for help????? as I remember we received lots of offers of solutions but when you know it all you know it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I sound perplexed???????

  2. Annie says:

    Funny U shd mention that . . . Annie

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