Humans rarely get a 2nd chance to make a good impression.  That said, Michael is the happy recipient of a 2nd chance.  Ya see, Michael got voted offa DWTS last week.  Not without justification.  Michael, like so many other humans who spread themselves too far & attempt too many tasks to multi-task upon, was a lousy dancer & gave lousy performances but seemed to think his mission relieved him of doing his very best dance performances.  He sorta took major exception when called upon this very fact, especially by Bruno.  He drew a line in the sand & departed DWTS in not the best circumstances possible.  But Michael got his 2nd chance when another singer & entertainer was unable to appear.  Michael was able to take time from his world tour to such far flung & exotic places as Altuna, IA, in the heartland. 
Michael is not the only entity or institution to forget his purpose in recent memory.  Other examples of forgotten purpose might include:
    BP that forgot corporate purpose to provide energy to customers & compromised lives & jobs, not to mention profits & investor confidence to scrimp on safety & environmental measures for short term profits.  Not very sustainable.  Or
    PG&E, also an energy provider that blew up an entire CA neighborhood because it forgot the corporate purpose is energy provider & again compromised jobs & lives & long term sustainable profit for short-term short-shrift of standard maintenance practices & safety standards, or
    Insurance companies that state they are in business to make a profit.  That’s funny I thought the purpose of insurance was to pay out in case of unanticipated events & circumstances like oh say OIL SPILL, hurricane, fire, flood, auto accident & all the other ‘risks’ for which they most happily take $ aka premiums.
    banks that are supposeda manage community assets & keep our $ & investments safe & not prey on consumers by unloading worthless paper on unqualified consumers & hopeful homeowners trying to participate in the American Dream.  OR
    the American Public Education system which is supposed to prepare new generations to be competent & successful adults able to participate & contribute to the American society & process.  Not generate little automatons unable to think & analyze so they understand when they are being handed a line of balogna.  So they can make infomred decisions.  How ’bout instead of blaming teachers for underperforming students & schools, we try adequately funding schools & providing modern tools for learning & acquisition of knowledge not some arbitrary set of fact/fantacy you chose, multiple guess exercises. 
BTW:  Sorry to see Margaret go tonite.  Competition is getting fierce.  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to 2ND CHANCE

  1. ok9otj says:

    You hit all the right spots again!!!! Congrats!! I truly enjoyed Michael’s singing…Always stick with what you know!!! Have to admire these people for trying new adventures or ideas!!! Not enough of us take opportunities for fear of failure!!! Easy to stick with what you know…Sometimes it’s the wrong choice!! There’s no progress without taking challenges when presented or even searching for them!! Annie & GMama

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