Isn’t America’s Got Talent just the most awesome & exciting talent scout competition ever?  It’s my 2nd favorite show on TV, after DWTS of course.  & it’s all down to the wire, the finals, the livin’ end tonight.  I’m biting my nails & I’m sure glad it isn’t up to me or us dogs to decide.  Each 1 (or group as the case may be) is awesomely talented & bright & enthusiastic. 
There were lotsa very talented ppl that went home like Alice Subway Singer Ridley.  I’m sure there’s a place for her in the pantheon even tho she went home already.  & Future Funk.  & Ali & Christina.  & Studio 1 Young Beast Society. 
But it’s down to Michael Grimm, singer/musician with a funny hat.  Mymi said she thought he would sing My Way but I don’t know what she’s talking about.  Must be some ancient history reference.  He prolly woulda won paws down in another, less awesome competition.
& Fighting Gravity.  I know a lotta my BFFs think I’m a geeky dog, bloggin’ dog & all.  Fighting Gravity is a buncha geeks who put an act together.  But I just didn’t get it.  I thought Studio 1 was much better as a dance group.  More energetic & original & athletic.  I just wasn’t sure what FG’s purpose was . . . a dance group or whatever.  But they got into the finals.  We’ll see . . .
Jackie E, 10 yr old opera powerhouse.  Jackie’s a find from YouTube & I wanna know who’s feeding that kid her lines cause she always has just the right answer for those inane questions all contestants are inevitably asked.  She’s so unassuming & grounded within herself.  She’s going to have a bright future whether she wins tonight or not.  & let’s be honest, maybe not winning tonight would be the good news for a 10 yr old.  It would be a shame to have that lovely young lady become the Queen of Popera & be robbed of her childhood which human pups grow up all too soon anyway.  We’ll see.
& last but certainly not least, Prince Poppycock.  Mymi says he’s a collaboration of Liberace (whoever the heck that is), Cher & Lady Gaga.  He’s the ultimate showman maintaining his prince Poppycock character & comes up with new & original acts each time.  He got the buzzer from Piers last night for taking himself too seriously so Piers didn’t smile . . .  which I thought was a fair assessment cause I felt the same way.  But Prince Poppycock is an original 1 of a kind, exclusive & awesome talent. 
I’m biting my nails.  We’ll see what America has decided.  Good luck to all.  Whozzit Gonna Be?  OpalK9 OTJ
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