It was a day to remember, this 911.  GrandSire wished to attend the CA Capital Air Show so that’s what we did.  We prepared for the event by purchasing VIP seats in the Reserved Seating tents.  We arrived at the entrance with many, many more vehicles all carrying enthusiastic & patriotic Air Show Fans.
It was a long, long walk from the parking lot to the entrance but GrandSire did it on 3 legs.  Parking was in an open field & we just followed the car in front of us & the car behind us followed us.  Everyone head thataway so we headed thataway.
I put my nose to work sniffing out the pathway to the main entrance.  It was pretty crowded & there weren’t many other dogs to assist in sorting things out.  When we arrived @ the gate, our tickets were scanned & we said the magic words & presto we were admitted . . . only to find the main entrance was a runway away from the Reserved, VIP & Shaded Seating.  No one knew exactly how to transport us to our appointed location.  So we hitched rides with a couple of nice Veterans & Veteran Helpers.  Eventually we got where we needed to go . . . there wasn’t much shade so I hadda crawl under Mymi & GrandSire’s reserved seats so as not to burn my coat. 
The Air Show was most grand & exciting.  We saw planes & equipment of all stripes & vintage.  The Air Field was an Air Force Base back in the day now given over to commercial aviation.  1st a parachutist presented the flag.  The crowd went crazy.  There were Stunt Pilots flying upside down & others flying right side up.  You could tell where those guys were cause they left lotsa trails in the sky.  There were Stealth Bombers that look like flying wedgies & huge, really really big transport planes, & Coast Guard planes.  & a Mom & Pop Stunt Flying/Parachuting Team.  She flew circles around him in his parachute.  & of course, Chuck Dramamine, recently a resident of the Folsom Graybar Hotel where he took up the hobby of model airplane assembly & made it over the wall in time for the Air Show.  He was flying the Jelly Belly plane.
We saw all the stunts & acrobatics & flying that we could & it was time to leave but I couldn’t sniff the way back to our car.  There were so many people, Air Show Fans & Veterans of Wars & Other Campaigns that our pathway out was not clearly defined even for a dog such as myself with superior olfactory & home finding skills.  In addition, GrandSire was a bit tired from all the excitement, sitting in the hot Valley sun & our trip in so we hadda make arrangements to be driven out to our car in another golf cart.  Our chauffeur did not expect to be assigned such awesome responsibilities but he gave us the very best of service.
The parking lot filled up with a sea of cars while we were enjoying the Air Show & we wandered up & down row after row seeking our vehicle.  There aren’t very many auto color options any more & from our vantage point all the cars looked pretty much the same.  We were getting kinda nervous but our driver remained cool, calm & collected.  The Keyless Entry & Alarm System on our car was what really saved our bacon though.  Mymi kept pressing the Horn Button which set off the alarm & after about 45 min of wandering around the hot dusty parking lot in a 2-man & a dog golf cart we finally found our car so we could go Home Again. 
We took lotsa pix.  We tried to follow some of the Air Show Acrobatics & Vapor Trails in the Sky.  There’s a lotta pix that we uploaded onto my blog.  I tried to get pix of the 6 plane jet fighter formation that flew right over my back yard & pool this afternoon but was too slow with the shutter.  Maybe next HY.
The Air Show was upbeat & exciting & optimistic & why not.  We’re CAlifornians after all.  We’ve  survived earthquakes, wild fire, floods, monsoons.  We’ve altered the flow of rivers & moved mountains.  We’re creative, innovative & the home of Hollywood & Silicon Valley, Death Valley & Donner Party.  All good ideas start in CA & drift eastward.  They always do.  OpalK9 OTJ
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