For the 1st time in a long time, we went for a long walkies today.  We walked over to GrandSire’s to check his status cause we don’t like follow him on Twitter.  He’s looking forward to the big air show next weekend.  We’re gonna sit in the VIP tent.  I got my mojo back.
Then we walked to the bank to do bidness.  Mymi let me walkies sans leash along the wide sidewalks where there’s schools & bidnesses.  It’s so fun to sniff out the pathway.  Lots been happening since last I was able to roam freely.  I got my mojo back.
Then it was an extra special treat to walkies through the Gov’mint Office Park.  It’s largely desserted on weekends ‘cept for the cat that I scared up outta the bushes.  That cat scampered across the hot parking lot & up a shade tree.   He musta lost his grip cause he ran up the tree, did a double back flip & ran up it again.  So fun.  I got my mojo back.
Then we returned home again.  We hadda go get gasoline for our car cause this is still CA & CA is car culture.  We like to do bidness with local vendors, Mom & Pop operations whenever possible.  So we drove to our favorite Mom & Pop gas station on Prison Blvd.  Guess what.  That station was closed up forever forcing us to proceed to the only other convenient gas station in our neighborhood . . . a large TX-based corporate oil & petrochemical conglomorate.  
I know I’m only a dog.  Shouldn’t concern myself with such complex human issues as energy & environment, jobs & economy but I wonder how the:
    Anything’s legal until you get caught ;
    Throw it against the wall & see what sticks (repeadedly);
    My cause is juster than your cause & I can rationalize any bad actions because of my just cause;
    Small business & local jobs advocates justify that small business has been . . .
    sanitized, patronized & paternalized;
    overextended, overleveraged, overwhelmed,
    streamlined, down-sized, right-sized;
    corporated raided, hostile take-overed & leverage buy-outted of existance.
So that now there is no regional identity, local identity, no jobs & no opportunity & nowhere else to go because homes are unmarketable & people are upside down in debt anyway.  Seems like it woulda just been easier & more grassrootsie to distribute a million credits to each SSN in the country.  Then people coulda chosen whether & how to use their credits like to pay off that mortgate, educate the kiddies, get healthcare.  Seems like that woulda been more fair & democratic (small d).  They coulda made the decision which bidnesses to support or not. 
& we wouldn’ta hadda look like idiots & Scrooges begrudging:
    our Veterans promised benefits & repayment of debt for service;
    our children an education so they can become competent adults & citizens;
    our citizens adequate healthcare in the best healthcare ‘system’ in the world;
    our labor & workers a saftey net when things go south through no fault of their own & for which they already paid anyway;
    our labor & workforce a decent wage & piece of the pie that has made The 1% so fabulously rich & reduced the quality of life & standard of living for The Other 99%.
    & made us so cavalier about squandering investment already made in things like clean energy & infrastructure just so pols & pundits can say look how many jobs we didn’t lose this numbers cycle.
I’m just sayin’ . . .
When we returned home, we just chilled out by our pool.  Mymi tells me I’m the best darned dog in the whole wide world once again.  At least I got my mojo back.  OpalK9 OTJ
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