I can tell ya, from 1st paw experience, that it takes a whole lot more time, effort & $ to clean up a mess & put things back to order than it does to make a mess.  So it’s not surprising that:
     98 HY after the Titanic sank humans are still poking around & spending lotsa $ trying to understand what happened.  It hit an iceberg which tore a hole in the side.  It SANK;
     47 HY after MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech, things are not what he had hoped for & we still argue over who deserves what & who is endowed with certain inalienable rights;
    or that 9 HY after 911 there are still politicians & power brokers whose every statement consists of a noun, a verb & 911 & nothing else gets accomplished & hate & fear mongering rhetoric grows more instead of less; &
    5 HY post Hurricane Katrina NOLA is still not restored even to the way it was because decisions were made about which citizens, neighborhoods & communities are worthy of rebuilding & there is no political or financial will to make things at least as good as they were which is not to say that status quo was adequate in the 1st place; nor that
    4 mo post BP oil spill the only thing that’s really changed about the way we do bidness is that the face of BP has changed from an overprivileged but talentless Prince Poppycock to minor minions of the BP bureaucracy who prolly have the best of intentions in mind but have a script to read from & are powerless to accomplish stated goals because it is not in BP’s bottom line self-interest to do the job right.  That’s not to say any other oil & petrochemical company has any better track record.  Or that politicians are any better @ leadership & tough decisions than ever so they just let the anger & fear grow & hope & pay for re-election.
I’m just sayin’ humans are a whole lot better @ creating messes than they are dedicated to cleaning up & restoring those messes.   They argue about In God We Trust but fight & rail against Mother Nature.  Someone oughta tell them they are losing the battle everywhere.  It just doesn’t pencil.  Numbers don’t lie but you can lie with numbers.  Denial doesn’t make the facts go away.  OpalK9 OTJ
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