Eeeuuw Doggies.  How hot is my valley?  It’s hot.  Doggone hot.  Like over the century mark hot.  Like Walkies curtailing hot.  Like why would anyone play golf hot?  Like R U kidding me?  I’m no dummy.  I don’t wanna Walkies in the noonday sun . . . hot.  Like Global Warming Denyers . . . R U paying attention hot.  It’s hot in my valley.
I doubt that it’s any big secret that DWTS is my very most favorite show on TV.  We have DWTS to look forward to in the fall, when it’s cooler (hopefully) but in the meantime America’s Got Talent is pretty good indoor entertainment.  AGT is @ the Semi Finals.
I watch AGT while channel surfing through endless & relentless commercial messages.  WTF?  I thought that’s why God & Great Todo gave us the remote. 
I dunno who’s got talent or not but I know American ingentuity & optimism, talent & hard work when I see it.  & I know all the bitching & barking, bickering & blather by Inside the Beltway Influence Brokers does ordinary Americans a huge disservice.   Portraying Americans as:
    vain & shallow;
    lazy slackers;
    intolerant & ignorant;
    fat & greedy
    hateful & angry . . . well none of those lables are pretty but if you don’t believe these are being said of average Americans just listen to the news & commercial messages in an average day in the media & bloggosphere.  It’s enough to make a dog content to remain just a dog.  A really, really Hot Dog.  OpalK9 OTJ
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