Time flies when you’re havin’ fun . . . donnit?  I been so busy all week.  Meet & greet workers & repairmen drying out carpeting & walls.  I try to be polite & courteous performing the Sniff Test.  Stay out from under foot when they walk around. 
They been removing bathroom flooring & toilet.  Plastic encasing exposed wall studs.  & then poof.  They’re gone but not forgotten.  The dust & dirt that remain in my domain make me sneeze, make my coat all dirty & it tastes bad when I try to groom. 
Plus we gotta find someone to put it all back together.  That’s another time/money consuming process.  Oh woe is me.  Life will never be the same. 
& being consumed with responsibilities here @ home does not allow me opportunity to pay attention to detail & dooty in my neighborhood.  I try to be a good citizen, point out trash & litter on our walkies.  But Mymi says it’s too much trouble to walk & place trash & litter in plastic bags to be transported to proper recepticles.  She’s afraid we’ll get tangled up in the leash & she’ll fall flat on her face in front of a speeding car driven by a distracting driver texting & chatting on a cell phone.  Stranger things have happened lately.
Meanwhile my domain is getting put back together . . . slowly & trash piles up in my neighborhood.  They’re gonna miss me some day.  What can I say.  I’m just a dog.  OpalK9 OTJ
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