Just when I thought things were getting back to normal after the sky fell in on me . . . BOOM.  BLAM.  POW.  POOP . . . happens again.
I try & I try to be a good dog, know my purpose.  But once things start downhill it’s hard to rocks rolling uphill again.  I hadda visit my vet for an annual checkup & my Vet recommended a walking Harness.  Oh the embarassment.  But I figured I gotta get along to go along.  So like I’m just getting used to the Walking Harness & trying to be a good dog, a good shepherd.  But I’m accustomed to sniffing out the pathways for Walkies.  A Walking Harness impairs my natural abilities & apptitude.  It’s so difficult to perform the Sniff Test when I’m tethered to a Harness.
Walkies just arent’t the same in a HARNESS.  The joy of the roll & the scratch . . . just not the same.  But I was making do.  Doing my best under adverse circumstances.  I guess that’s why Mymi didn’t pay attention to me when I tried to tell her something was definitely wrong in our domain.  Something wasn’t passing the Sniff Test.  By the time she noticed something was rotten in our domain, bad smelling water was all over the floor of the bathroom, under the walls & seeping into Mymi’s bedroom.  Definitely did not pass the Sniff Test but Not My Fault. 
Since then, there have been all sorts of strangers in my domain . . . inspecting, estimating, scratching & pondering what to do about the situation.  I try to keep track of it all but it’s todolly overwhelming.
Then the other bathroom almost did the same thing but I was able to warn Mymi before the s*it hit the floor so we just hadda have a workman in to replace fixtures & the water heater before it flooded my personal space. 
Then Mymi decided it would be just dandy to have clean clothes so she proceeded to do the laundry & the machine quit in mid-cycle with a load of towels & denim in 1/2 tub of water.  I don’t know why humans ever thought it was a good idea to shed all their fur in favor of clothing.  The law of unintended consequences @ work.
I helped take the wash to the laundrymat.  Mymi decided I shouldn’t wait in the car in the sun in the shopping center parking lot so she brought me home again but I didn’t wanna bail on my duties so I insisted on staying in the car.  She wasn’t real happy with my decision but I guess she didn’t think it worth the battle.  I was content in my space in the car.  I been there before.
Now today Mymi decided that we need a new way of getting along so we went to my alma mater . . . PetSmart University.  She talked a long time with the PetSmart Trainer.  They discussed the whole situation top to bottom.  She recommended another Walking Harness which is a real pain to put on & adjust but I did my best to be patient & understanding.  Now I have a new AuntieJamie who’s OK I guess, but I miss my AuntieKat.
Mymi thought it would be a real fine idea to put something on my collar so she could hear me around the house.  She bought a COW BELL.  OMG.  A Walking Harness is 1 thing but a COW BELL is a horse of a different color.  She attached it to my collar when we returned home but I outsmarted her.  I figured out how to walk around the COW BELL & not make any noise.  Mymi wasn’t too thrilled but she did remove the COW BELL.  We’ll just have to find another way to adjust. 
But the lowest blow of all in this series of unfortunate events was I was deprived of my laptop.  Mymi said it was because the wireless modem went kaflooey.  This AM, she had a long phone conversation with my ISP customer service department & then Tuh Duh . . . I’m connected again.  I can adjust to a lotta new circumstances but laptop deprivation does not pass the Sniff Test.  The rest of this stuff . . . we’ll sort out 1 step @ a time.  I’m back in the bloggosphere.   OpalK9 OTJ
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