I am with you.  When they were saying that the chemicals they used won’t harm anything, I thought, ok, you guys move to the beach areas, swim in those waters and live off the fish that are caught there for the next 50 years or so and see if there is no damage.  Really 50 years would be nothing more like hundreds of years.  Daniel said it was in the news that BP just got a billion dollar grant from the government to do something in regards to old on the west.  Yes, lets reward the people that destory our waters, livelihood of people, environment, etc.  LadyA & The Ratpack
& on the 108th day, the gusher was plugged.  The BP CEO said This is good.  He told the Admiral & the Admiral told the President.  This is good.  & everybody clapped & wiped their hands & put on a Smiley face.  It was all good.  End of story . . . or not.
Now subsequent to the worst environmental disaster in US history, the experts & pundits who formerly couldn’t find the ‘leak’ with all the latest, cutting edge equipment & predicting models now says that actually 4.9 M BBL got wasted & spewed into the Gulf. 
Worry not Gulf Coast residents & workers, 25% of 4.9 M BBL were removed, 25% evaporated or dissolved, 24% were naturally or chemically dispersed & 26% remains @ sea or on shore. 
Good News Week.
If you believe 1.25 M BBL of oil evaporated with no trace & 1.25 M BBL were removed by booms & skimming, & another 1.25 M BBL dispersed naturally or that the chemicals used to remove said oil had no further impact on the Gulf residents & biota well I gotta a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you cheap. 
Now is not the time for humans to clap themselves on the back & say Good Job.  There’s lotsa work yet to be done both in removing the sludge from water & shore & in making sure this never happens again.  We never jeopardize our health, welfare, economy & homeland with short-term, short-sight simple solutions to complex issues.  Never again.  Whatever happened to Yankee ingenuity & CA Dreamin’?  We can do this.  Yes we can.   OpalK9 OTJ
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